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How to Get Around Indianapolis Without Driving

Most seniors still have busy and active lives that require them to get around their city, but a lot don’t have the means or ability to drive anymore. If you’re a senior who doesn’t have a car or no longer drives you might feel like you have to be housebound but there are a lot of options available in Indianapolis. Whether you choose public transportation or a taxi service, you can find a ride where ever you need when you need it.


IndyGo serves as the area transportation authority and offers bus routes throughout the city as well as access to regional transportation services like Greyhound, Amtrak, and Megabus. They also offer airport services through Route 8 which runs back and forth between the airport and downtown on a regular basis. Seniors with disabilities can use their Open Door paratransit services which provide vehicles specifically designed for those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. Seniors 65 and older can use a government or Half-Fare ID to get a discounted fare and veterans can get a free bus pass.

Senior Caregiver Transportation

Many in-home caregiver programs will also offer transportation services which can range from running errands to scheduled appointments and in some cases incidental transportation if there is an emergency. ComForCare, Right At Home, and Comfort Keepers are all based in Indianapolis and offer transportation services. This option can give both seniors and their families peace of mind because they will be in the care of their caregiver instead of a stranger.


Using a taxi could also be an option for seniors in Indianapolis and a good one if you need door-to-door service rather than a planned bus route. A few companies offering taxi services in Indianapolis include All American Taxi and Gold Cab with Indy Airport Taxi providing rides to and from the airport. Many of these companies allow you to schedule your ride in advance which is helpful so you don’t have to wait for service.

Ride-Sharing Services

Instead of a taxi, you can use a ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft, both of which run in Indianapolis. You can book a ride through their app or online and it’s nice for families of seniors because they can take care of scheduling the ride all from their smartphone. It can even give you updates on where the care is in transit. Make sure you know about all fees before you schedule a ride because during peak travel times there will be “surge charging.”

Senior Transportation In Marion County

Seniors who are 60 or older in Marion County can use a few different transportation services like:

Door 2 Door - This provides rides to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and pharmacy needs all for $5.

Shuttle Service - Seniors who live in apartment buildings who have partnered with this program can use shuttles to go grocery shopping or to the doctor.

Wheelchair Transportation - Seniors can purchase wheelchair vouchers and get transportation from inside their house into a taxi and back out at their destination.

You can call 317-803-6153 to learn about these programs and other transportation options available.

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