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How Much Do Indianapolis Nursing Homes Cost?

When a senior loved one can no longer live on their own, and home care is not an option, many families in Indianapolis turn to nursing home care. With 10.98 percent of the total population over the age of 65, there is no question that quite a few of these approximately 80,000 seniors are going to need nursing home care at some point. One of the first questions that are asked is how much this will cost. The fact is, sticker shock related to the costs of this long-term care is common, but getting to know a bit more about the care offered and other factors can be quite beneficial.

Nursing Home Care Stats in Indianapolis

There are more than 500 nursing homes in the state of Indiana with 113 of them being in Indianapolis.

The average nursing home in the state of Indiana has 111 beds, but only 69 percent of these are filled at any given time.

The cost of nursing home care in Indiana is right in line with the national average.

Cost Estimates for Nursing Home Care in Indianapolis

The average cost of a nursing home in the state of Indiana is between $163 and $201 per day. However, it is important to remember that this cost can vary based on the actual geographic location, as well as the type of room that is needed. In Indianapolis, you can expect to pay an average of $165 per day for a semi-private room, and $195 on average, per day for a private room. Keep in mind, additional services such as memory care, occupational and physical therapy, and other services will increase the cost of these services further.

Services Offered in a Nursing Home in Indianapolis

The services offered by nursing homes in Indianapolis are varied. There are some that specialize in independent living, while others provide full, 24/7 care for residents. Finding the right location will mean considering the needs of the senior prior to making a selection. For example, Bethany Village in Indianapolis offers a home-like setting, movie nights and an on-site beauty salon. There are also a number of daily activities and field trips so that residents never get bored. This location also offers full on care, including assistance with daily living.

Hooverwood is another location where seniors can enjoy a home-like environment. This includes rehabilitation services, barber and beauty shop on-site, gourmet meal catering, medical services, social services and even Skype accessibility for residents.

When it comes to choosing a nursing home in Indianapolis, it is essential to think about factors, such as safety ratings, location and the experience of the staff. In most cases, it will pay off for a senior, and their trusted family members, to visit several locations in the area to find the one that best suits the senior’s likes and needs. When the location and other residents are seen first-hand, a person will be able to get a better feel for the community.

Paying for Care: Nursing Home Assistance

There are quite a few options for paying for nursing home care in Indianapolis. There are quite a few people who enter a nursing home and begin to pay for the care they need from their own funds. They can use resources such as stocks and bank accounts, and in some cases, the person will be eligible for Medicaid assistance.

In most cases, Medicare will not cover long-term care (i.e. room and board) in a local nursing home. There are also quite a few types of insurance that don’t cover this care. However, a resident should not drop this coverage, since they will still likely need medical care while in the nursing home and these sources can help cover the costs.

Getting Medicaid will often require a person to reduce some of their assets first to help cover the costs. Those seniors who own a home can also consider putting a lien on it, or sell it outright to help and cover the costs. For seniors who have yet to apply for Medicaid, it is a good idea to learn more about the requirements for coverage in order to determine if you are eligible.

Long-term care insurance is a type of private insurance coverage that can provide assistance for quite a few different types of long-term care. This includes both unskilled and skilled care, such as nursing homes. Take some time to learn what a policy offers to determine whether or not it will cover a nursing home stay.

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