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Residential Care Homes

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Residential care homes, also known as senior group homes, seek to provide seniors with the happy medium between getting the level of care they need and living in an environment as comfortable and personal as their own home was. Residential care homes tend to be smaller than other retirement communities, so residents get a more personal level of care and become part of a new close-knit community. Most communities have several residential care homes nearby, so seniors have options for finding one that's the best fit. Finding the right residential care home for you or a loved one is a big decision.

Start by searching the residential care communities close to where you want to live, and read reviews to see what other seniors and their families have to say about their experiences.

Browse services, certifications, ratings, and reviews.

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Fast Facts on Residential Care Homes

  • The average consumer rating for residential care homes on is 3.9 stars out of 5.
  • Residential care homes in Illinois, Kansas, and North Carolina tend to be rated higher than the national average, whereas residential care homes in Missouri, New York, and Nebraska tend to be rated lower.
  • The states with the most residential care homes are California, Texas, and Florida.
  • View a glossary of residential care industry terms.

Source: (July 2015)

How much do residential care homes cost?

As amenities, living quarters, property values, and the type of medical care provided vary for different homes, there's a wide range in residential care costs.

In general, most residential care options will range from $2,200 to $3,400 a month. Often that includes features like regular meals and assistance with daily living activities.

The listings on for residential care homes make it easy to research and compare the costs for different options in your area.

What services are provided in residential care homes?

Not all residential care communities are created equal. The features and services available vary at different homes.

Some of the services you may find at different residential care homes are:

  • On and off-site activities
  • Regular meals
  • Memory care for Alzheimer's residents
  • Transportation services
  • Medical staff on site (or that come for visits)
  • Beauty and hair services

Not every item listed is available at every residential care home, but this list gives you some idea of what to expect and look for. Go ahead and find out what's offered at the residential care homes close to where you live.

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