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Houston Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

If you are planning on or considering Houston for your retirement, then you have come to the right place. When researching where to retire, it is important to look at the whole picture. Retirement doesn't mean you have to just sit around all the time.

Many seniors find that volunteering is an enjoyable way to spend some of their spare time. Here are some ways to get started finding volunteer opportunities, along with all of Houston has to offer to those that want to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Volunteer Houston

Houston relies on Volunteer Houston to help connect volunteers with suitable projects and organizations. This comprehensive website allows you to create an online account, which you can use to organize your projects and commitments. This organization is great at finding projects for all ability levels and schedules.

Connect 4 Literacy

This organization is part of The Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation. They are dedicated to helping expand literacy rates in people of all ages in the Houston area. Volunteers help others learn how to read and write. If you know English and Spanish, you may be able to help improve the literacy of those that are not native speakers.

Houston Public Library

If you love books and the arts, then consider the volunteer positions at the Houston Public Library. There is a need for mentors, research assistants, crafts instructors and helpers, docents, computer tech support, internships, ESOL teachers, and volunteers to shelve books as needed.

The Summer Reading Program is popular and often requires a lot of volunteers to handle the demand. There are more than 40 locations of the Houston Public Library system that you can volunteer at so finding one close to you should not be a problem.

This website has results for a variety of current volunteer projects. Currently, one can find projects such as helping in a community garden that helps feed the homeless and disadvantaged. Various mentor and counseling volunteer opportunities are usually available.

Red Cross

The Red Cross Houston Branch is always in need of volunteers. Simply contact them and they will help place you in a project that is suitable for your schedule and ability. If you have a vehicle and drive, you may help deliver meals. Blood drives are popular events, but volunteers are needed to help donors check in, or get snacks, etc.

Organizing Your Projects

Many nonprofits welcome bigger groups for projects. If you can organize ten residents of your community, for example, you may be assigned your specific project that you are in charge of. If you are interested in group volunteering, it is best to give the volunteer coordinator at the organization a call or email explaining what you have to offer and any other idea details you feel are important.

Organizing larger groups can take some time, so it is best to start early if you are trying to get something new started at an established or new organization.

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