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Houston Senior Realtors

When you’re looking to sell your family home, it can be a difficult and emotional time. You have probably lived in that house for decades, raised your children there, and it has truly become your home. However, there comes a time when even the most loved home needs to be sold. Whether you’re retiring and looking to travel, about to enter an assisted living facility, or you just want a smaller home as an empty-nester, selling your home is sometimes necessary.

However, for a senior looking to sell their home, the typical selling and purchasing process can look a bit different. You may not be interested in purchasing something new or if you are, it is probably something much smaller than what you’re leaving. You may also have different financial restrictions. All of these reasons make it beneficial to use a realtor who is specialized in working with individuals in your situation.

What is a Senior Realtor?

A senior realtor has taken the time to recognize the various needs of an older home buyer and seller. Through a series of classes, the realtor can become a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, or SRES. Another option is to become a Certified Senior Housing Professional, or CSHP, offered through the Seniors Real Estate Institute.

Realtors who are either CSHPs or SRESs know the different needs of a senior. They understand how the financial situation of a senior selling their home is different, along with the emotional connection the individual and the family has with the home they are looking to sell.

Throughout the courses that a senior realtor must take, they learn the details of reverse mortgages, how a 401k or pension can play into the finances of selling or buying a new home, and what scams aimed at seniors should be avoided.

Who does a Senior Realtor Serve?

In order to work with a senior realtor, you should be over the age of fifty. While there is typically an age requirement for individuals that would want to seek the assistance of a senior realtor, it does not matter to the real estate agent if you are retired, moving into a new home, or only looking for a sell.

When is the Right Time to Talk to a Houston Senior Realtor?

If you are over the age of fifty and looking to sell your family home, you should consider talking to a senior realtor in Houston. Because a senior realtor also works closely with other senior-focused professionals, you don’t need to be moving to get benefits from a senior realtor.

If you need to make changes to your home to make it more senior-friendly, a senior realtor can give you some contact names. They can also help you find an attorney that specializes in estate planning.

Finding a Houston Senior Realtor

If you’re looking for a senior realtor in Houston, you can easily find contacts on the Seniors Real Estate Institute or Seniors Real Estate Specialists websites. Through their directories, you can easily find the right senior realtor for you in the Houston area.

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