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Houston Neighborhood Guide

Houston is a big mix of neighborhoods. When it comes to retiring, there are a lot of factors to look at when choosing what neighborhood you are in or near. Here are some of the neighborhoods in Houston that stand out due to their high livability scores based on cost of living, schools, amenities, and safety.


With a crime rate that is 60% less than the average for the greater Houston area and plenty of amenities at hand, Medical is a neighborhood to consider. The median home value is higher than a lot of Houston, but the quality of life you are getting is worth a lot. Seven parks in town mean you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, and it is easier to meet others.

West University

This upscale neighborhood is rated as one of the most livable in all of Houston. Unfortunately, the cost of buying or renting in this area is also high. However, if you have the funds and want to retire in Houston, you will not lack for things to do in West University.


This is a neighborhood that was well planned and essentially constructed all in the same period. The level of planning is apparent when you walk through downtown. Real estate prices are much lower here than in neighborhoods such as Montrose.

The park in Eastwood offers a swimming pool, bike trail, and basketball and tennis courts. The public transit system is adding a bus line in 2016 that connects Eastwood to downtown Houston. Eastwood is simply put an affordable choice in a safe neighborhood.

Houston Senior Information

There is a lot of excellent medical care available in the Houston area so seniors can rest assured that as they age, they will be able to get whatever level of care they need. Some retirees may decide to stay at a private home for a while or move to an independent living community where they can pick and choose the services they need over the years.

Some communities may offer services that range from basic housekeeping and meals all the way up to advanced memory care. If you can take care of a lot of your needs, you will pay less in the beginning of your retirement.


Getting to know a neighborhood no doubt takes time, however, there are ways to learn more. Talking to locals either online or when you visit is a good way to learn more. The cost of living varies a lot with Houston neighborhoods, so it is good to look up the facts before spending any more time considering the neighborhood.

Cutting Expenses

If you have a roommate, you may be able to afford a neighborhood with more amenities and a higher quality of life. The benefits of roommates are that you can pitch in on tasks and save even more. If you are concerned about living alone due to your health, a roommate can help give you peace of mind in case of an emergency. Houston also has a branch of the Alzheimer's Association for those with dementia or those caring for others.

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