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Houston Funeral Homes

When a loved one passes, choosing a funeral home to handle all the details of the service can be overwhelming. You want to use a reputable service provider that has established itself within the community and has earned respect from consumers. This listing of resources provides helpful tips on what you should look for when shopping for a funeral home and its available services. We have included an overview of funeral rights as mandated by federal law to protect you as a consumer.

Federal Regulations that Protect Your Funeral Rights

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides protection to consumers under the official Funeral Rule that covers you regardless of the state where you reside. The FTC has numerous mandates in place to prevent funeral homes from engaging in questionable practices. As an example, consumers are not required to spend money on unnecessary services or funeral package arrangement features. You only pay for what you want and what you need. Other rights that you should know about include:

You must receive detailed overviews of funeral expenses and information about any associated costs directly over the telephone if requested.

You have the option to purchase a casket or urn elsewhere as opposed to buying it directly from the funeral service provider.

Once you decide what services you want, a funeral service provider must give you a written cost expense statement that outlines all details of the arrangement

A funeral service provider must inform consumers about possible legal requirements in writing relative to stipulations regarding the cemetery or crematory.

How to Select the Right Funeral Home

The Digital Memorial network maintains a listing of funeral service providers within the Houston area. Consumers can use the provided search tool to review and select from among the 50 Houston-area funeral homes and cemeteries. The American Heritage Funeral Home offers consumers a variety of plans including catered receptions. Garden Oaks Funeral Home helps families with the passing of loved ones by offering service suggestions such as including special photographs and reading poems.

When overcome with the emotional turmoil that accompanies the passing of loved one, ask others to help. Do not hesitate to ask close friends or coworkers for recommendations to help you choose the right funeral service provider, as they will have a clearer perspective on the situation. Check the listing of funeral service providers for the Houston-area on the site of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Managing Funeral Costs and Expenses

There are a variety of ways you can save money on the expenses of funeral services. Some consumers have life insurance policies in place that cover the costs for peace of mind and no further worries. Even with the protection of a policy, there will be limits on how much you can spend. Review all your options by using the Funeral Pricing Checklist on the site of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC), which you can print off their website. The list is very detailed and covers many service features for you to consider.

Another helpful suggestion to make the process easier is to do some funeral service provider comparison-shopping. You can easily do this from the comfort of your home without the need to visit each provider in person. Contact those providers you are interested in and get information about their services and prices and what they charge for caskets and containers. Have the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) funeral shopping resource handy for guidance and additional tips and suggestions.

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