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Houston Estate Sales

Estate sales professionals can help out during a time of grieving when the family cannot agree on their loved one’s possessions or they simply do not have room for everything. The estate sales company can take the responsibility off your shoulders and handle the decluttering, cleaning, and arranging of the sales and auctions. Once you have removed the items you want to keep from the home, the estate sales service takes care of the rest and delivers a check to the estate when the job is done. You can rest easy knowing your loved one’s belongings are being taken care of by a professional.

The Estate Sales Process in Houston

The estate sale process can include both estate liquidation and appraisals. You may want to hire a professional that does both. The professional will meet with the family to determine what is to be sold, then he or she will arrange the items into alluring displays to tempt potential buyers. Make sure the company physically examines and photographs each items for sale, like the professionals at Lyn Huck Estate and Appraisal Services.

Depending on the company, they will make announcements of the estate sale through their various social media channels and to a specific group of buyers that purchase collections. The sale or auction may last one to three days. Remaining items can be donated to local charities for a tax deduction.

After the sale, the estate sales company will deduct the commission and fees from the total and deliver a check to the estate. You and your family attorney, or the executor of the will, are kept up-to-date throughout the process with accounting reports, itemized receipts, and phone calls.

Estate Sales Services Pricing

Many estate sales companies, like A Belle Estate Sale, provide free consultations and on-site evaluations. Ask the company about any upfront costs you may have to pay since a large number of companies are commission-based only. The average commission rate is 10 to 25 percent, although some companies charge as much as 35 percent. A lower commission does not necessarily mean more money either. If your loved one’s possessions include large expensive collections, you may be able to receive more for the estate even with a higher commission. The commission rates may be higher for companies licensed, certified, insured, and bonded which makes the extra percentage worth it in the long run.

Finding an Estate Sales Service in Houston

You can find ratings and accreditation status for estate sales companies on the Better Business Bureau for Greater Houston and South Texas website. Senior care directories may list estate sales companies with reviews from clients. Make sure the estate sales professional is certified by the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers. Both organizations have databases you can use to find estate sales services in the Houston area.

Your attorney or your loved one’s attorney may recommend an estate sales company. You can also ask your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about companies in your area.

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