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Houston Elder Law Attorneys

Your senior years can bring about a lot of different changes like retirement, a loss of a spouse, declining health, and complicated decisions about the end of life. Even though retirement is supposed to be about relaxing so many things can cause stress as you become a senior. When it comes to things like figuring out your benefits, planning your estate, writing your will, dealing with insurance companies, pension plans, and other government agencies, a good lawyer can be a huge asset. Elder law attorneys can make sure that your retirement years are well spent with the things you love instead of worrying about the unknown.

What Is So Important About An Elder Law Attorney?

Many people don’t think that there is any benefit to an elder law attorney and believe that getting legal counsel from their regular family attorney is good enough. But there are so many complicated factors when it comes to the issues that seniors face. Medicaid benefits and VA assistance are all based on your assets and your assets can be affected by an inheritance or estate plans. One decision can affect a whole myriad of aspects and possibly not in a good way.

A good elder law attorney knows every aspect of these issues and can offer you the best legal counsel because they specialize only in this area. They have dealt with these issues time and again which makes it easier for them to guide you towards the best decision for you. Elder law attorneys are also highly in tune with the emotional needs seniors need while dealing with these issues and can connect you to a variety of community support and resources.

Who Can Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

If you are a senior of sound mind, then you can hire an attorney for things like planning and solving any senior status problem. Your friends and family can also hire an elder law attorney if they need advice on guardianship issues or if you are no longer able to manage your affairs. It’s also important for family to contact an elder law attorney if they suspect their loved one is a victim of elder abuse, financial scams, or neglect.

When Should You Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

As you start to plan your estate and write your will, it’s a good idea to contact an attorney. They can guide you through this process and make sure that you don’t forget anything or answer any questions you might have. Because these attorneys know everything about advance healthcare directives, estate planning, federal benefits, and more they can make the future for you and your family less stressful.

If you ever have any issues related to your senior status, don’t hesitate to contact an elder law attorney. In addition to writing your will or planning your estate they can handle things like: Insurance and long-term care needs Medicaid benefits VA assistance Senior housing and Age discrimination

It’s important to note that because not every elder law attorney specializes in every aspect of senior issues, you should make sure you find a lawyer who will meet your specific needs.

Finding An Elder Law Attorney

Friends and family that live in your neighborhood can give you good suggestions on where to find an elder law attorney and if you use the services of a family lawyer you can ask them for referrals. Check places like Super Lawyers, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and the National Elder Law Foundation to search for attorneys in your area.

The State Bar of Texas is also a good legal resource and you can find lawyers in your area, legal advice, and help for low-income families that need legal counsel.

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