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Houston Demographics and Lifestyle

Houston is a large ethnically diverse city, rich in culture as well as natural beauty like the bald eagle, armadillos, and Texas bluebonnets.

Your Houston Neighbors

Houston is one of the most ethnic diverse cities in the nation. With a population of close to 2.1 million people, it is also the fourth largest city in the country. The residents self-report that 50 percent are white, 43 percent are Hispanic or Latino, 23 percent are black or African-American, 15 percent are of some other race, 6 percent are Asian, and 3 percent are of two or more races. 28.4 percent of the population is made up of people born in other countries. 46.9 percent of residents are bilingual.

The male and female population is roughly equal. Nine percent of Houston citizens are seniors age 65 and older as of 2010. This number is expected to grow as the older Baby Boomers reach age 75.

What to Expect from Houston’s Weather

Houston’s temperatures are typically warm with 99.6 days per year staying in the 90s and rarely seeing 100 degrees. According to Houston’s travel site, the city experiences only 18 days per year with temperatures less than 32 degrees. The city seldom has snowfall with only 14 occurrences since the year 1939.

You will probably see more rainfall during the summer months with about 5 inches each month of precipitation. Houston does see major flooding, especially during these summer months that may last four to five days. The city has experienced 26 major flood events since the 1970s. The Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service suggest motorists turn around instead of trying to continue through flood waters. It is nearly impossible to judge the depth of water on a roadway during a flood. Never drive through flood waters, instead get to safety and call 9-1-1 to report the flash flood area.

Keeping flood insurance is highly recommended if you plan to live in Houston as Homeowners insurance and Renters insurance will not cover flood damage.

Houston’s Natural Beauty

Houston is more than just warm weather and a diverse population. You can find bald eagles, ocelots, river otters, Houston toads, Texas horned lizards, armadillos, and the wood stork living throughout the city and Harris County.

Not only will you find mammals and birds in Houston, but the city is home to camellias, orchid trees, and 170 species of flowers. These flower species include the five species of Texas bluebonnets, as well as baby blue-eyes, downy paintbrush, skeleton weed, gayfeather, Indian blanket, snow-on-the-prairie, beaked corn salad, antelope horns, and black-eyed Susans.

If you enjoy studying the flora and fauna of Houston, the Outdoor Nature Club may be of interest to you. The club was established in 1923 and supported several campaigns throughout its history to save endangered species and open preservations. It was the first of its kind as a conservation and environmental club and still operates today. The club meets the first Monday during the months of August through May, with the exception of September when they meet the second Monday of the month. The meeting is held at the Bayland Community Center at 6400 Bissonnet in Houston.

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