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Houston Aging In Place

Many seniors want to be able to stay in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Luckily, there are so many options and services available that can help make this happen. No matter if you live in historic East End or have recently moved to quieter Acres Homes, you can find services that make it easier to stay in your house. The most common services provider are homemaking which includes cleaning, cooking, and other household chores and home health aides that can help with bathing, grooming, medication, and other health-related needs.

Who Pays For These Services?

You might not have to pay for these services out of pocket, especially if a doctor has deemed it unsafe for you to stay in your home without proper care. Long-term insurance policies might cover some of the costs if you invested in this earlier on and low-income seniors can use benefits from Medicaid. Veterans have the option of using their VA benefits or pension if the services are a part of their assistance benefits. Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services also offers a program to help seniors who qualify get the help they need to stay at home.

What Is The Cost For These Services?

The cost of these services is going to largely depend on the type of care that you need, how much care you need, and where you live.

The annual national average for home care services comes out to about $46,046 which breaks down into a little over $3,800 per month and $126 each day. Houston homemaker and home health services are about $122 and $124 per day respectively. The monthly cost of home health care in Houston is lower than both assisted living costs and nursing home costs.

How Do I Find A Good Provider?

Start by talking with the people you know and asking for their recommendations. This includes close friends, family members, those in your congregation or place of business, and your neighbors. You can also look at the Houston Better Business Bureau to get a feel for each business through their user reviews and overall ratings.

Once you have a list of companies to check out, start by asking about their licensing, insurance, and find out if they’re bonded. Ask if they do background checks on their employees and find out about their hiring process. Once you have found a place that you like and trust, go over your contract and any other services agreements before you sign so you understand the services you will be receiving.

Are There Any Other Care Options?

You don’t necessarily have to jump right into full-time at home care if you aren’t ready for that yet. You can find help for a variety of tasks through online service platforms and get assistance with only what you need.

Houstonites can find dog-walkers and pet-sitters through, get help cleaning their house on Handy, and get any other chore or errand they need help with through TaskRabbit. Maybe you need help with home repairs or remodeling certain rooms in your house so they are easily accessible and you can find help through places like and Amazon Home Services. Just like with any other caregiver company, make sure you ask plenty of questions and feel comfortable with the employees in your home and their services.

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