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Financial Assistance for Houston Seniors

Houston is one of the most populous cities in America, one of the reasons for this being that people simply love living here. The cost of living in Houston is just 6.6% above the national average, and although that means that life here is not too cheap, it also means that life here is not as expensive as in some of the cities in America that offer relatively the same that Houston has to offer. The seniors living in Houston love this city so much because it has everything they need within their reach, not to mention at subsidized rates. Here is how a senior in Houston can find assistance for just about anything.

Hot Meals And Groceries Assistance

The federal government helps seniors and low-income families to access food and groceries from local food stores through the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Seniors living in Houston need to apply through their county of residence to get such assistance.

The Emergency Aid Coalition in Houston operates the Emergency Food Pantry, an interfaith service that supplies food to seniors, and families that cannot access the food pantries in their areas. A senior citizen who does not know where to begin can contact the emergency food pantry for a food package and a reference to his or her local food pantry.

Bills, Housing, And Home Maintenance

Houston has a Housing Voucher Program that provides seniors and low-income families with a way of paying for their rent. The seniors can use the vouchers to offset the difference between their payments and the unit rent in houses where there are participating property owners.

Seniors can get to a point where they are too old and weak to use the stairs, or make their way around the house as they used to. As a result, the need to adjust their homes to make them friendlier for their age is great. Thanks to volunteers and agencies such as Rebuilding Houston and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, seniors can get the repairs that they need.

Seniors can also benefit from the agencies in Houston that help low-income families to pay for their utility bills, with most organizations providing assistance to the needy up to a certain level. The above means that a senior can have a huge chunk of his or her utility bills taken care of by the government or other non-profit organizations. The application process for such assistance is easy, but the help that the seniors receive from this is outstanding.

Transportation And Social Services

Getting around in Houston is not an easy task for a senior because the public transport network is not always convenient for them, and these seniors cannot drive themselves in their cars. Agencies and organizations with volunteer services such as the Volunteer Interfaith Caregivers and the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery offer seniors transport to the hospital or to wherever the senior wants to go.

In addition to transportation, seniors get to engage in social activities to help them participate in recreational activities, gain access to skills and employment, and even receive the social services that they qualify for. Non-profit organizations and government agencies take seniors through free or low-cost recreation and leisure programs that are fun and engaging.

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