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Medicare in Henderson

There are over 2 million residents in the state of Nevada, and 269,825 citizens of Clark County rely on Medicare for their health insurance. Many of those using Medicare in Nevada are seniors, and if that’s you, it’s helpful to understand all the services and benefits available. If you have questions about Medicare for you or a relative, there are sources online as well as in Henderson that can help.

A Quick Summary of Medicare Coverage

Medicare is a federal insurance program that offers coverage and benefits to seniors 65 and older as well as younger people with certain disabilities. There are four sections to Medicare, A, B, C, and D, and each one covers something different.

Part A covers any hospital stays as well as stays in other inpatient facilities. This can include skilled nursing care, hospice care, and a few in-home health care options.

Part B covers medical services like visits to your primary doctor, outpatient care, preventative care, and medical supplies if needed.

Part C is optional and is part of the Medicare Advantage Plan. This plan allows you to use private insurance to cover your Part A and B needs and offers you their prescription coverage.

Part D is an additional prescription coverage plan if you don’t use Part C and need pharmacy coverage.

Fast Facts on Clark County Medicare

The average age of Medicare beneficiaries in Clark County is 70 years old.

Of the 269,825 residents that use Medicare, 157,271 use a fee-for-service plan, and 112,554 use the Medicare Advantage Plan.

In 2014, the total costs for Medicare in Nevada were over 1.6 billion dollars.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol were the two most prevalent conditions treated by Medicare in Clark County.

Inpatient care is the most used service on Medicare followed by evaluation and management and medical procedures.

Location of Medicare Offices in Henderson

Nevada is part of Center for Medicare Region 9, and their central office is in San Francisco. If you would like local help, you can visit the local Social Security Administration office here in Henderson. It’s convenient for seniors to have one place to go to get a new Social Security or Medicare card as well as apply for benefits and ask any questions you may have.

Henderson Social Security Office

10416 S. Eastern Ave.

Henderson, NV 89052

(800) 772-1213

The offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm except on Wednesday when the offices close at noon. You can call ahead to see if you need an appointment for your needs or ask general questions about Medicare.

Finding Medicare Providers in Henderson makes it easy to find qualified providers in your area. With the Physician Compare tool, you can locate providers based on your needs and location. For example, when searching for geriatric medicine within 10 miles of Henderson, you can find 13 different providers. You can change the search filters and find places that operate only on a fee-for-service or accept all Medicare patients.

This tool also allows you to learn more about each doctor in each practice. You can see their specialties, learn what types of payments they accept, and find out if they have hospital privileges at any local facilities. You can only do this for group practices now, but Medicare is working on adding more search options in the future.

You can also search for other Medicare-approved facilities and services in the Henderson area. Medicare allows you to compare over 20 different nursing homes in Henderson and you can also compare things like health inspections, staffing, and quality measures. There are comparison tools for hospitals, home health services, and more as well.

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