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Medicaid in Henderson

Of all the government programs you may encounter in this great nation, none has had the impact that Medicaid has had on the lives of seniors and the disabled in Henderson, Nevada. The majority of seniors living in nursing homes are dependent on the Medicaid program to one degree or another.

Medicaid provides seniors who need it with the resources needed to access critical medical and in-home care. If you think that you need to apply for Medicaid, or will need to in the near future; continue reading to learn:

What services Medicaid will provide eligible seniors

How to start the application process for Medicaid

Where to get help with the application process

How Medicaid can help you get to your scheduled medical appointments

Qualifying for Medicaid in Henderson

Who is eligible for Medicaid? Medicaid is intended to help people who are aged 65 years and older, seniors that have a disability that is expected to last a year or longer, or who will need at least 30 days of continuous medical care.

Seniors who are low-income, regardless if they own a home may also be eligible. All low-income people can apply to the Medicaid program and seniors who have no valuable assets and are short on cash may also be eligible for assistance.

The best course of action is to start the application process if you think that Medicaid will help you meet the financial strain of medical care costs and let them decide whether you’re eligible for help.

Assistance with Your Henderson Medicaid Application

Begin by visiting the Henderson, Nevada Medicaid website and starting the online application process.

Seniors who are having difficulty completing the online application can contact their local Health and Human Services Commission office to get the assistance that they need.

You can call (775) 684-4000, email [email protected], or call 211 if you’re hearing or speech impaired and get help directly from an HHSC representative.

What Does Henderson Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid will cover a broad range of necessary medical services, critical care, rehabilitative services, and diagnostic tests.

Medicaid recipients can enjoy:

In-home care that includes home health aide services

Comprehensive dental care

Coverage for ophthalmological care and optician service

Diagnostic tests such as CAT and MRI scans, x-rays, and blood tests

Rehabilitative care for post-surgical recuperation and to treat the victims of heart attack or stroke

Nursing home care where it’s determined to be necessary

The majority of nursing homes will consider Medicaid recipients as residents, but it’s best to contact Nevada Medicaid to find out which nursing homes near you work with the program.

Transportation to Henderson Medical Appointments

Medicaid provides transportation services for recipients who need to get to medical appointments but don’t have the resources to do so. Visit the website of Nevada Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to find out how to access this invaluable assistance service for Medicaid seniors and others who need help or aren’t financially able to transport themselves to and from medical appointments.

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