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How to Get Around Henderson Without Driving

Henderson is well known as Tree City thanks to the expansive greenery and considerable amount of parks in the area. With so much to see and do, you almost have to have transportation to get around. Your own vehicle is not necessarily needed, though, as there are many forms of transportation offered in Henderson. You can take a bus to the grocery store, utilize senior services to get to your next appointment, or even take a trolley to explore the sights.

RTC Transit

Thirty-five different routes provide access to all parts of the city. Getting through Henderson can prove difficult in a car as traffic often contains countless tourists coming to town to enjoy the entertainment capital of the world nearby in Las Vegas. The bus gets through easier, with a schedule of stops to maintain. The RTC Transit costs less for seniors with discounted fares making it more affordable for older citizens who need to take the bus more regularly. You can get a one-day, 15-day or 30-pass for a low price, allowing you to have all the access you need to the busing system. The passes include residential areas only with no access to the strip. Strip and downtown all access passes cost additional fees.

Cab Companies of Henderson

Numerous taxi companies exist in Henderson to give people rides in an instant. Most use online ordering as a means to give faster access to services. You can also call in the traditional way and request a cab at a particular time. Uber has quickly become one of the best-rated services in the city. Call (702) 415-4769 to request a driver or use the online site or app.

JetSetVIP is another well-rated option. Reach them at (702) 433-5466. They offer limousine service to all of Clark County. Their office sits at 701 N Green Valley Pkwy in Henderson. Yellow Checker Star Transportation is another option in the Las Vegas area. They too serve Clark County. Call (702) 873-2000 to make a reservation.

Senior-Based Transportation Opportunities

RTC offers a particular senior program known as Silver Star. Two days a week, special loop routes travel through senior-filled neighborhoods to take residents to local shopping areas. The bus also stops at senior living communities in the area to pick up multiple people at once. Every vehicle can only accommodate two wheelchairs at a time, so riders may have to wait for the next available bus. Twelve different routes provide access to the most desired locations within the city for elderly citizens. The routes do not operate on holidays.

Locating Henderson Transportation

When you’re in need of transportation and prefer not to use the options on this list, contact Nevada 2-1-1. Dial-a-Ride transportation, the Carlin Open Door Senior Citizens Center, Esmeralda County Senior Transportation, Helping Hands, and more options fill the Las Vegas/Henderson area. There is even a Grocery Shopping service that takes people to Walmart twice a month. You can find the resources on the website or dial 2-1-1 on any phone to speak to an operator about the available choices.

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