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How Much Do Henderson Nursing Homes Cost?

Nursing home care costs are a gamble and continue to rise. Living in Henderson near Las Vegas, you think of the glitz, glamour, and money.  There are several ways to spend money in Henderson or Vegas, and skilled nursing care is probably not one of your top choices. You can find a nursing home community for any budget, just like staying at the Strip and choosing the Flamingo versus the Bellagio. You don’t have to gamble with your savings to pay for care.  There are ways to save and fund your nursing home stay.

A Glimpse of Nursing Home Care in Nevada and the US

In 2014, there were approximately 15,600 nursing homes in the US.

In these nursing homes, there were about 1.4 million residents nationwide.

Nevada has a low population compared to the US with approximately 4,850 residents.

Nursing home costs could consume 246 percent of the average annual senior’s household income.

What Does a Nursing Home Cost Henderson, Nevada?

The Las Vegas area has higher nursing home rates than the national average.  According to the Genworth Financial Cost of Care Study, the 2016 national average rate for a semi-private room was $82,128 per year while a private room averaged $92,376 annually. In the Henderson/Las Vegas area, the median rate for semi-private nursing home care was $94,900 annually, and the private rate was $105,850.

Costs vary between homes, and there are several options with different price points.  To help save money, you may want to look at nearby areas.  There are dozens of choices, so you are sure to find one that meets your needs.

Nursing Home Services

Since nursing homes are medical facilities, they have a registered nurse available at all hours to help with medical care such as disbursing medication, wound care, and scheduling therapy like speech, physical, and occupational. Certified nurse assistants (CNAs) provide most daily patient care. The RN supervises the care. The CNA also reports the patient’s condition to the family. They will note any observed changes.

Nursing homes provide various long-term care options, such as memory care. 2017 Best of Senior Living Award Winner Siena Hills has a memory care wing. Additional facilities, such Prestige Assisted Living at Mira Loma, offer short-term medical care for recovery after surgery or a hospital stay. Almost all nursing homes provide hospice care for end-of-life stages for both the patient and family.

Diets at a nursing home are critical, and the kitchen provides meals to meet various dietary needs such as diabetic, low-sodium food, kosher meals, vegetarian dishes, and more. Residents typically eat meals in a large, community dining area. A resident can request to have food delivered to his or her room. CNAs assist those residents that need help eating.

More than Health Care

A nursing home provides various programs and activities to keep residents active and entertained. These events include movie nights, games, exercise programs, holiday parties, dances, and more. The resident chaplain can assist with religious consultations for both patients and families. Most communities offer religious services or study groups.

Some facilities allow pets. Many communities have beauty services for discounted rates, dental care, and podiatrist care. Transportation is available if needed for doctor appointments or to run errands. If you enjoy the outdoors, Delmar Gardens offers expansive gardens and large recreation areas.

What to Look for in a Nursing Home

When searching for a nursing home, be sure to visit each place at least once. You should ask about staffing, licensing, programs, activities, meals, and spiritual support. You should request a copy of the latest state inspection report. If there are any complaints or issues, ask the management how they plan to resolve the problems.

When you visit, really get a feel for the place. Talk with residents, family members, and staff to get their thoughts on the place. Have a meal so you can taste test the food and see how the staff interacts with residents during mealtime. Make sure you know what services are in the monthly fee, and ask for a list of services that are extra. AARP provides this list of questions to help you organize your thoughts.

Visit the Nevada Aging and Disability Services for more information on nursing home care.  They have various programs to assist you with long-term care and your search.

How to Lower Costs and Pay for Care

You can lower the cost of skilled nursing care by choosing a semi-private room instead of a private one. Using the Genworth 2016 figures above, this choice can save nearly $11,000 a year. A roommate may help you meet other residents and become more familiar with the facility more quickly.

Even after you select a room, you still need to consider how to pay for your costs.  If you or your loved one have a long-term care insurance policy, this will cover your expenses.  You will need to make sure you comprehend the policy coverage, limits, and terms. Keeping up with the premium payments is imperative to avoid a lapse in coverage.  

If you or your loved one do not have a long-term care policy, there are other additional options available. Low-income seniors with minimal assets may be eligible for Medicaid. Wartime veterans and their widows may qualify for the VA’s Aid & Attendance pension to pay for health care expenses. For more details or to apply, visit a local VA office.

Senior homeowners may be able to get a reverse mortgage to pay for care.  This policy utilizes the equity the individual has in his or her home. The US Housing and Urban Development Department provides more details and guidance to help you understand this program.  

Another option is cashing out a life insurance policy early.  Before making these decisions, you should discuss with your tax advisor, financial planner, or attorney to understand taxes, fees, and additional stipulations to consider.  

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