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Henderson Veterans Benefits

The men and women who serve our country deserve the best we can offer when they come back home.  Henderson, Nevada is proud to offer many services and programs that help veterans find things they need such as homes and jobs. There is also access to quality health care that can help with everything from yearly physicals to mental health checks and programs for things like substance abuse.  

Health Care Resources in the Henderson Area

Many veterans don’t realize their services makes them eligible for health care in the area.  According to the VA, a service member with active duty or a discharge other than dishonorable is entitled to health care benefits.  This also includes those who served in a federally ordered service period with the National Guard or Reserve.  Be aware though, applications get sorted by priority group.  

The VA for Southern Nevada offers a broad range of services for geriatric veterans including hospice care, in-home care, women’s health services, and support programs for caregivers.  There is a Southeast Primary Care Clinic in Henderson that offers services like lab work, mental health programs, nutritional medicine, telehealth, social workers, and primary care.  

Veteran Housing Benefits

Clark County, Nevada which includes Henderson, has numerous housing services for veterans in the area.  These programs include:

Home Is Possible for Heroes which is fixed interest rate for mortgage loans for qualified veterans so they can lower their mortgage payment or increase their buying power.  

A mortgage tax credit that offers veterans a federal income tax credit equal to 40% of the interest already paid on the mortgage.

Rental housing services that help veterans find homes specifically reserved for them and their families as well as tax credits towards renting properties.  

There is also a housing locator service to help veterans locate a home faster and easier as well as a program within the Nevada Housing Division that is working with local non-profits to build homes for veterans.

Nevada also has a program for veterans that are first-time homebuyers.  You must meet certain requirements to use this program, but it could help lower your down payment and make it easier to purchase a house.  

If you are facing an emergency situation where you or your family might become homeless, the Veteran’s Village in Las Vegas might be able to help.  This program offers both permanent and transitional homes for veterans and their families to keep them off the streets.  

Other Henderson Area Veteran Resources

Certain veterans might qualify for a tax exemption based on their service dates. There are a few different exemptions including one for surviving spouses and disabled veterans.

For veterans looking for a job in Nevada, there are a few programs they can utilize.  The Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation has an Employment Security Division with dedicated veteran’s resources.  They offer job search workshops, assessment services, labor market information, and a work opportunity tax credit.  Veterans can also find training for certain jobs through this program.  

Work for Warriors is another job program for Nevada veterans and can help those searching for a job or those who need training for a job.  Local businesses willing to hire veterans can work with this group to post their jobs and provide the proper training and tools to start working.  

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