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Henderson Senior Living

At some point during your retirement, you might need a little extra assistance. You could just need a hand with household chores or maybe some help with your health. No matter what you need, there are plenty of options in Henderson that can make senior living simple and enjoyable. Some people can clean and cook for you, nurses will come to your house to check on your condition, and if you want to move to a facility, there are even more options. You can find help for any lifestyle or need you require, and this guide should help you get started.

The Cost of Senior Care in Henderson

When looking at the price of care in Henderson, most prices are in line with the national averages with some a little higher and some a little lower. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey puts the cost of a private nursing home in the Henderson area at $105,850 which is higher than the national average of $92,378 per year. Semi-private rooms in Henderson come down to $94,900 annually while national averages sit at $82,125.

The other senior care options in Henderson are much closer to the national averages. Things like homemakers, home health aides, and adult day care services are about the same. Assisted living in Henderson, though, is much lower than national averages. The national median cost is $43,530 annually, and Henderson comes in at $34,200 per year. If you do own a home in the area, it’s worth noting that using in-home health care is about $1,000 more per month than living in an assisted living facility.

You should also keep in mind that the current cost of care most likely will not stay at the same rate for very long. In fact, Genworth estimates that in the next few years, nursing home rates could increase by 5-7%. Other costs like assisted living and adult day care could see an increase of 1%. Remember those numbers as you plan for your future.

Living Options for Seniors in Henderson

More adults are reaching retirement age thanks to the baby boomer generation getting older. Because more seniors need care, there are more options than ever. You can leave your home and move to a facility that has everything you need in one place, or you can stay in your home in a familiar environment and have someone care for you there. There are also community services to help seniors stay in their house and specialized care facilities for those with Alzheimer’s

In-Home Care & Community Options

Here are some community services and private options that assist seniors and makes an effort to keep them in their homes longer.

Homemaker services such as ComForCare Henderson and Addus Homecare provide seniors with someone who can take care of cleaning, laundry, errands, and meal prep. Homemakers can also assist with tasks like getting out of bed or getting dressed and daily grooming. Check with each provider to make sure they serve your area and choose a place that is nearby. Having someone close during an emergency is helpful.

Home health care can help seniors in Henderson with more medical tasks. Places like Sonoma Home Health can take care of things like wound care, IV therapy, diabetes management, physical therapy and other skilled nursing duties. Make sure you choose a reputable provider and one that is close to cut down on travel time during an emergency.

Adult day care gives seniors a place to go during the day if their regular caregiver is absent or they need a little extra supervision. These programs, like the one offered by Nevada Senior Services, gives seniors the chance to meet with other older adults, provides activities that are appropriate, and some even include a meal or a snack. You can also find programs that cater to those with Alzheimer’s or other illnesses like cancer or diabetes.

Independent concierge services like Rover, TaskRabbit, Amazon Home Services, Handy, or Favor help seniors with anything from walking the dog to fixing a leaky faucet. If you have an internet connection and a computer, you can get anything you need delivered to your doorstep.

Questions for In-Home Care and Community Services

It’s an excellent idea to check all providers through online sites like the Better Business Bureau and get recommendations from trusted friends and family members. Here are a few questions you should ask before you hire anyone:

Does the provider have insurance? Are they bonded?

Do they have all appropriate licenses?

Does the provider use background checks on employees?

If necessary, is there transportation available?

What is the standard procedure if there is an emergency or you need care during non-scheduled hours?

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Care

If you would rather not stay in your home or it isn’t an option for you, a facility can make senior living much easier. There is a range of options for community care that start with independent lifestyles and go all the way to skilled nursing care and specialized communities for those with Alzheimer’s. You can even find communities with a continuum of care which means as your health and needs change, they can provide you with the care you need so you don’t have to move.

Independent living is sometimes referred to as a retirement village or 55+ community, and it’s set up with private living areas such as separate houses or an apartment complex. Seniors can enjoy living on their own as well as amenities like fitness centers and swimming pools all in one place.

Assisted living gives seniors a private space and provides services like housekeeping, meal plans, and transportation services. There are amenities just like independent living but more care as needed.

Nursing homes provide some of the highest levels of care and are for seniors that need medical supervision or are recuperating from surgery or illness. Doctors and nurses are on staff that assist with all tasks as well as therapists to help recover.

Dementia care gives seniors with memory problems or Alzheimer’s disease a safe place to stay. There is extra security to prevent wandering as well as activities that help keep the mind engaged.

Questions for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

What is the continuum of care?

What does the total cost include?

What is the cost of additional services?

Am I allowed to use outside services?

Paying for Care

If you’re concerned about cost, there are ways that you can fund your care. While most programs don’t cover independent living, Medicaid can help low-income seniors gain access to things like in-home health care or assisted living and nursing homes. Veterans can turn to their VA benefits to get coverage, and if you have long-term insurance, your policy might include assisted living or nursing home charges. Other options include Social Security, retirement savings, selling your home, or using a reverse mortgage but contact a financial professional so you understand the risks that might bring.

Big Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Retirement brings a lot of extra free time, and if you’re wondering what to do, Henderson is full of choices. Las Vegas is just a short distance away so you can enjoy things like casinos, live entertainment, and fine dining. Henderson also has plenty within the city limits like the annual Heritage Harvest Festival. Seniors who want to give their time to help can find opportunities through the Volunteer Connection.

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