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Henderson Senior Centers

Countless seniors retire only to sit around wondering what it is they should now be doing. With so many choices for retirees in the Henderson area, that question no longer has to get asked. There are classes, game times, fitness opportunities, stage options, and more, all meant for older adults. Local senior centers should be one of the first stops on any retiree’s list after their working life is through and they now have time to do what they please.

Game Time

Visit the Heritage Park Senior Facility, and you will find the game room. It provides the perfect place to sit down and socialize with others as you enjoy a round of your favorite activity. The facility sits at 300 S. Racetrack Rd. It opens at 6am Monday through Thursday and closes at 8 pm. The hours change to 6am and 6pm on Friday and 9am and 3pm on Saturday.

Learning Time

Computer training is something many seniors do not yet have. If you want to become more tech-savvy, it may be a good idea to take the computer orientation class at Heritage. You learn how to browse the Internet, set up an email account, create Microsoft Word documents, and otherwise become familiar with the keyboard. You can sign up for the free one-hour session by calling 702-267-2950 or visiting the front desk and asking about it.

Fitness Time

If you are interested in staying fit, the fitness center at Heritage Park is your best bet in the city. For a nominal fee, you get to use all of the equipment inside. Treadmills, elliptical trainers, steppers, free weights, and more fill the space, so you have plenty of options to work out your body. The center is also adjacent to the aquatic center so that you can head there for a swim afterward to work out more of your muscles at a low impact.

Stage Time

Perhaps you are more interested in taking the stage or learning to dance. You can enjoy these activities at a senior center as well. The Downtown Senior Center offers a list of ongoing activities, including line dancing on Tuesdays, a piano and keyboard class Monday through Thursday, and an art studio lesson on Thursdays and Saturdays. If these options are not enough, you may need to look into the local theater companies and see if they offer classes or acting opportunities.

Friend Time

Are you looking for a friend? Use Meetup to find senior meetups in Henderson. The site helps you get together with other people who have similar interests or ideas. Las Vegas senior singles, the travel and social club, a caregiver support group, geocaching meetup, and cyber security for seniors are just a few of the options available.

Travel Time

Just as there are other meetup groups, a travel and social club is available as well. The group plans many local trips, as well as several exotic adventures as well. Everyone is free to share their experiences and recommend certain locations so the group can enjoy well-liked places.

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