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Henderson Rehab Centers

You will most likely not be able to go directly home following a hospital stay due to a serious injury, surgery, stroke, heart attack, or illness. You will need a transition period in a rehabilitation center.  Most nursing homes provide short-term rehab to help you or your loved one regain strength for independent living. These nursing homes offer various therapies, constant medical care, and skilled nursing staff to assist you with your recovery.  Let’s take a look at a few things to aid your search.

Knowing What to Expect

You need your strength, mobility, and endurance to go about your daily life at home.  When you are ready to enter the rehab center, the medical staff and doctor will assess your current condition and create a rehab strategy that bests suits your needs.

Your plan will be custom to your health and well-being and will include a variety of services.  The three popular types of therapy available include physical, occupational, and speech.  Depending on your condition, you may use one or a combination and could complete treatment each day of the week.

A Few Suggestions to Help You Search

Finding a rehab facility shouldn’t be stressful.  You have several options near Henderson.   Below are a few highly rated places on

Prestige Care, Inc. provides both short-term rehabilitation and post-acute operation care. They provide ongoing evaluations assessing your health and changing services as needed. Prestige will make sure your recovery continues as you head home through education and outpatient services if needed.

Sunrise of Henderson offers a variety of respite care options for those who need short-term care. Different levels of care include assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing to help you recover from surgery or illness.

Aria Sutton in Las Vegas allows you to enjoy the same high-class services, amenities, and care as other residents while you recover in a stress-free environment.

Your physician or surgeon will give you recommendations on rehab centers, but you should still ask acquaintances for referrals and check online reviews.

Set Your Criteria

Choosing the best rehab care is essential to your recovery.  Ask family, friends, neighbors, or anyone you can think of about their experiences.  Research the facility to see that it has a clean record with state inspections. You need to verify that Medicare covers this center, or it should be Medicaid-certified.

Who Pays the Bill?

Medicare should cover skilled nursing care under Coverage A at an approved facility with the following scenario:

You need to have days left in this benefit period.

You need to be in the hospital for three consecutive days (not including the admission day).

Your doctor or surgeon prescribes rehab treatment as essential to your recovery.

If you are not eligible for Medicare, check into long-term care insurance or Medicaid. Insurance doesn’t always cover every treatment, so be sure to review your recovery plan with your doctor and ask about insurance coverage.  You will have to pay for ineligible expenses.

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