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Henderson In-Home Care

We can all agree that home is where we want to be. Surveys and studies over the years consistently show this to be the case.

A 2014 survey of senior preferences by AARP found that more than 70% of middle-aged individuals intend to spend their retirement years living in the family home. As a percentage, the number of people over age sixty-five who wanted to remain at home rose to almost 90% of that demographic.

Henderson retirees are lucky that there are many in-home care options and helpful resources they can take advantage of.

In Henderson, seniors who would like to stay in familiar neighborhoods and surroundings will have no problems keeping the same high-quality life they are accustomed to while remaining at home.

In-Home Care is One Option in Henderson

Nevada seniors will find almost more than thirty agencies that will provide all kinds of in-home care for Henderson seniors. You can be confident in the care you’ll receive because Henderson in-home care agencies have to be licensed and certified by the Nevada Department of Aging and Disability Services to provide in-home care.

Henderson seniors who are doing poorly financially or at risk of being removed to a nursing facility have the option to apply for Nevada State paid in-home care help. Nevada Medicaid provides payment for in-home health care for eligible, low-income Henderson seniors.

Henderson seniors can use concierge and other shopping services to get errands done, chores, and arrange transportation. Check out online services like TaskRabbit which will deliver groceries to your home, or Rover that does pet walking service. Amazon Prime Now can have any Amazon purchase delivered to your home in about an hour, items include:

Food items and dry goods

Dog or cat food

Computer and printer supplies

In-Home Care is One Option in Henderson

In Henderson, the rates for home health aides are very close to the cost of homemaker services. Annually, home health aides in Nevada will cost about $44,000 per year. Compared with a median cost of $54,000 per year to live in a Nevada nursing home, a home health aide can be a much more affordable option for a similar level of care provided in your home.

Besides providing the same non-medical assistance that a homemaker service will provide, the home health aide will provide critical health monitoring and perform routine medical tasks.

Your home health aide will change bandages, give medication, monitor health signs (like blood pressure), besides providing assistance with wheelchairs and using walkers.

Nevada home health aides are thoroughly trained according to Nevada state standards that include a requirement that they work at least one year in a hospital or senior residential facility.

Nevada home health aides are also trained in infection control, a senior safety, emergency procedures, and senior rights.

Homemaking Services in Henderson

Homemaker services will give seniors many valuable kinds of assistance in Nevada.

Homemaker service or home health aide providers will help seniors with things like grooming, medication routine management, or housecleaning.

To learn about what people want and expect from in-home care agencies in Henderson, we looked at the reviews written by seniors or their family. Needs mentioned by reviewers included:

Stable staff with little turnover

Friendly and helpful staff that make them feel at home

Well-maintained living and communal areas

Henderson In-Home Care As You Need It

The majority of Nevada in-home care agencies will offer you a range of customizable schedules tailored to your particular requirements.

Nevada retirees can also arrange for respite care. When your regular carer is absent, respite care will provide in-home help until they return. From just a few hours to weeks, respite care will cover gaps in your routine in-home care schedule.

A great thing about respite care is you can use it as a way to try out an agency you’re thinking of using. This is helpful for those people new to getting in-home care. Respite care will give you a good idea of what you can expect when you use an agency for in-home care.

Henderson seniors can also arrange for part-time care according to their schedule if they don’t need help all the time. You can schedule anywhere from a few hours to a few days of in-home care during the week. Depending on what you need, you can use part-time care to only cover the times when you know you’ll need help.

Full-time, live-in care is another option for seniors who have lost much of their independence but are determined to remain at home and near family.

Henderson In-Home Care Agencies

Henderson seniors have two big choices to decide from when arranging for in-home care.

You can use an agency for your in-home care needs, and you’ll have the agency to handle salaries concerns, staff for when your regular carer is absent, and ensuring that employees are vetted for qualifications and criminal history investigations.

On the other hand, you can also have someone that you know well, someone from a want ad, or even a family member provide in-home care services directly to you.

Hiring someone directly can be a money-saving option for seniors. Bear in mind that hiring someone independently will make you responsible for calculating payroll taxes, and finding your own substitutes when your regular employee is absent.

Paying For Henderson In-Home Care

Long-term care insurance is a fantastic way to make sure you can get the care you need. If you develop a medical issue that may require in-home care assistance for daily activities, then long-term care insurance will pay for your in-home care expenses.

Eligible low-income Henderson seniors can use Nevada State Medicaid to pay for all or part of the in-home care service you’ll need. U.S. military combat veterans who are eligible can use VA Aid and Attendance pension to cover the cost of home care.

Henderson seniors that own a home are to take out a reverse mortgage to finance the cost of homemaker services or a home health aide. If you have a whole life insurance policy, consider cashing it out for the necessary funds.

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