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While you may be tempted to leave the funeral planning up to the professionals, these for-profit businesses tend to charge high prices for certain services. Set a budget, find out your rights as a customer, and choose a funeral home that speaks to you, so you can be sure you get the most out of your money in Henderson.

Funeral Home Customer Rights

Customers always have rights no matter which line of business you are discussing, and that includes funeral homes. The Federal Trade Commission has set federal laws regarding the lawful actions consumers can take to get the services and pricing information they desire. Each state also has their own set of laws for consumers in the area and funeral parlors to follow. One such law in Nevada is that no director may initially require people to have the body of their loved one embalmed unless it has been in the custody of the home for more than 72 hours. Another regulation indicates the parlor must provide a price list of all services or products they sell. The cost may include utilizing the funeral director, getting the body embalmed, transferring the remains to a cemetery, or having staff assist with a viewing or funeral.

Some of the federal laws include:

Customers have the right to receive a written copy of prices for caskets and outer burial containers.

You may purchase a casket from another facility and use it at the funeral home.

Embalming is not required by law.

Finding the Right Funeral Home

Ask your friends and family if they have been to a funeral in the area, and what stood out the most about it. They may have recommendations for certain places, and reviews against others that you can learn from during your selection process. It is always ideal to get feedback from others, even if it is as simple as online reviews on the funeral home’s website. You can also look to the Better Business Bureau to see who is accredited and who is not.

Always be sure to compare prices for the same services offered at each of your considered funeral parlors. You may be able to find more affordable options at one place compared to another. The Federal Trade Commission even has a funeral costs and pricing checklist that you can look at when determining which funeral home is best for your needs and budget.

Managing Your Funeral Budget

While all funeral homes have a full list of services and products they sell, not many people utilize all of them. Many do not have the budget to afford all of it, so they focus on a few main aspects they wish to include. Some skip the embalming and have the funeral faster while others opt for cremation instead of burial. Whatever you have to do to save should get done so you can plan a funeral within your means. Starting a budget in advance helps ensure you have more money to go towards the cost and can plan something better.

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