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Henderson Estate Sales

If your loved one has recently died or moved into an assisted living facility, you might be facing the daunting task of dealing with their possessions. This can be difficult because many items might hold sentimental value. If multiple people oversee what to do with everything, there could be disagreements.

There is also a good chance that there is a significant amount of stuff. In 2014, the LA Times reported that the average US home contains about 300,000 items. That could be doubled or tripled if your family member was a collector or liked to hold onto things. Sorting through these things can be time-consuming and confusing as you try to figure out what everything is worth which is why a reputable estate sale company can be useful. These professionals will handle the entire process, so your family doesn’t have to worry.

The Process of An Estate Sale

The goal of any estate sale professional is to sell your items for the highest amount possible. They also have the knowledge, manpower, and expertise to handle everything involved in this process at a much higher rate than you. A Complete Estate Liquidation goes through the entire process of an estate sale, but usually, things will start with a walk-through of the residence. The professional will go through most of your items and decide what is worth selling and what isn’t. Many estate liquidators are certified appraisers and have been in the area long enough to know how to price the items to sell.

Once this step is complete, the company will come into the house to clean and stage the area for the sale. They will handle everything, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning and setting up displays. You can see some before and after pictures of this process at JPS Estate Liquidation. The company will also handle the advertising and previews to draw people to the sale.

During the sale, the company will have their employees on hand to answer questions, help customers, and handle all sales transactions. They may also manage security and run auctions if that is part of the estate sale. You have the option of being on-site, but you can also stay away while everything is sold.

After the sale, the liquidators will help you decide what to do with the things that didn’t sell. They can recommend local charities and donation groups that might accept your items. At this point, they will also share sale information with the executor of the will and cut you a check for your profit, minus their fees and commission. Wrapping up a sale takes no more than a few days.

The Cost of Estate Professionals

The initial walk-through might be free of charge, but some companies charge by the hour. Depending on your area, sales fees could vary, but you should expect to pay about 35% of the sale profits to the liquidator. Homes that are larger or have more items might charge more than this, and they could take longer to set up, so take that into consideration. Las Vegas Estate Sales outline their terms and conditions online so you can get a better idea of cost and the process.

Henderson Estate Sale Companies

Talk to friends and neighbors as well as your attorney to see if they have any suggestions. You can also read reviews online, but make sure the reviews are from people who have used the company not shoppers. The Better Business Bureau lists two businesses in the Henderson area, but there are more. Make sure you choose companies certified by the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraiser. You can look at multiple companies and talk about fees and pricing, but always sign a contract with your final choice before going ahead with the liquidation process.

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