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Henderson End-of-Life Care

Hospice care is for those nearing the end of their life.  This care provides both medical and emotional support to the patient and their family, so their final days are as comfortable and peaceful as possible.  Hospice services could include medical care, pain management, counseling services for the family members and patient, respite care, and anything else needed during this time.  Hospice care is offered both at home and in hospitals as well as other facilities like Alzheimer’s communities and nursing homes.  A team of doctors, nurses, certified nursing assistants, therapists, counselors, and possibly clergy members will tend to the patient’s needs.  

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice points to numerous studies that state hospice patients are less depressed and enjoy a better quality of life during this trying period when compared to patients that get no hospice care. Hospice patients also tend to live longer because they receive the proper pain care and medical attention.

What Should I Look for In Hospice Services?

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services issues licenses for hospice care, and all agencies must have a license to operate.  While Nevada doesn’t require it, many facilities are also Medicare and Medicaid certified.  The Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) is an independent review board created in 1965, and many facilities also have accreditation through them.  

Once you have found an agency with the proper credentials, you want to ensure they can meet the needs of both you and your family.  They should have a reputation for quality care, compassion, coordination of care schedules, and offer a variety of services.  You can get referrals from your health care provider or talk to friends and family members who might have some suggestions.  Once you have a few agencies, you can look online to find reviews and customer ratings.  

What Is the Cost of Hospice and Who Pays for It?

Hospice care tends to be more expensive than other care because there are so many services used at once.  In-home costs in Nevada can be anywhere between $116 to $125 per day, and facility costs could be between $94 to $290 per day depending on the facility you use, their location, and the services you choose.  

The one good thing about hospice care is you can find more ways to cover the costs of services.  Medicare, which doesn’t cover the cost of nursing homes or assisted living facilities, will cover 100% of many hospice services.  Part A policyholders can also get help paying for their medications and might only need to pay a small co-pay for care and drugs.  Nevada Medicaid also covers the cost of hospice care and military members, and their dependents can use TRICARE for their costs and many private health insurances offer hospice coverage.

If you still can’t afford hospice care or none of these options work for your situation, some agencies might be willing to work with you on the cost.  They might offer a sliding scale, work out a payment plan, or provide charitable care.

Who Provides Hospice in Henderson?

There are a few facilities in Henderson that provide hospice care including Pacifica Senior Living, Prestige Assisted Living, and Sunrise of Henderson.  Many of these communities also offer Alzheimer’s care and other senior living lifestyles which make it easier to age in place.   

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