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Henderson Assisted Living

There are a lot of changes as you age, and perhaps you’ve decided to move from your current home to an assisted living facility. You might be worried about the cost, wonder what your daily schedule will look like, or need help finding the best place for your needs. The assisted living facilities in Henderson are all beautiful places to live, and luckily the median cost is below the national average. You can learn more about assisted living in this guide here.

What Does Assisted Living Cost in Henderson?

One of the biggest factors in where you live is most likely going to be the cost.  Henderson averages are below the national median of $3,628 and come in around $2,850. There is a broad range of prices listed on in the Henderson area. For example, a studio at Prestige Assisted Living at Henderson can run about $2,165 while a one-bedroom apartment at Siena Hills can be anywhere between $3,500 to $6,100. Your total cost will depend a lot on the type of home you want, the services you use, and what amenities you want.

Assisted Living Expectations

If you’ve never been in an assisted living facility before, you might want to know what to expect in your new home. The best thing about assisted living is you can decide what type of lifestyle you would like. There are upscale facilities that provide a whole list of amenities, some like Sunrise of Henderson are pet-friendly and near great parks and recreational facilities. Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley has a full spectrum of care options, and their facility is near Las Vegas, so there are plenty of entertainment options. After you decide what you want from your assisted living experience, you’re sure to find it in Henderson.

How to Find an Assisted Living Facility

Once you’ve decided what you want your community to include, start making a list of possible places to live. You can talk with your friends and family members to see if they have any suggestions or you could even ask your health care provider if they have recommendations. Do some research online once you have a few suggestions to see what the reviews are like for each place. If you want extra assistance, you can always use a senior advisor. These people can help you figure out what you want and come up with options that best suit your needs. Also, since they are paid by the communities they represent, seniors and their family members can use their services free of charge.

At each place, make sure you understand all the monthly fees and know what services they include in your cost and make a note of extra expenses. You should also ensure that the facility you ultimately choose has some continuum of care so you can get the medical or health care you need all in one place. Bring your checklist of items to each visit so you can see what meets your needs and what doesn’t. You should also plan on asking plenty of questions, and if you need some guidance on what to ask, SeniorAdvisor has an Assisted Living Guide that can help you. The guidebook also includes helpful information about moving to assisted living and paying for your care.

How to Pay for Assisted Living

Long-term care tends to be pricey no matter where you go, and as you start comparing prices, it might seem like it would be cheaper to just stay in your home. In fact, assisted living might be cheaper than using in-home care because not only would you have to pay for your care but also pay for things like utilities, homeowner’s insurance, any necessary repairs, and whatever it costs to maintain your house.

You have a lot of options when it comes to paying for your care, and while they might not all work for your situation, there is sure to be something that can help your costs. If you or your parent owns their house, they can sell it and use the money to pay for care. If you don’t have a house to sell or can’t sell it just yet, you could rent it out or use another payment option.

If you’re a low-income senior, you can use Medicaid benefits to help cover the cost of your care. You can use Medicaid benefits at any of the 58 Medicaid approved facilities located throughout Nevada. If you want to learn more about Medicaid services in Nevada, you can go to Access Nevada online. This site will also help you assess your needs and see if you qualify for aid.

VA Benefits and Assistance is another way you might be able to pay for your care. If you’re a low-income veteran or the widow of a veteran, this could be a good option. If you served one day during wartime, even if you didn’t see combat, you could be eligible for assistance. You can check with the regional office for Nevada to find out if you qualify and to learn what services are covered through your benefits.

If you have long-term care insurance, there is a good chance you can have your care covered through your policy. Be sure to check with your agent, though, to see what it covers exactly. It might just be room and board, and you will have to pay for any additional services. Now is also an appropriate time to ask about things like payout limits and how to keep your coverage current. If you suddenly fall ill or have a debilitating disease, you might be at risk for letting your policy lapse. Set up a plan now, so that doesn’t happen in the future.

If none of these financial solutions work for you, you could also consider things like reverse mortgages or cash out a life insurance policy. If you decide to use a reverse mortgage, you can use the extra equity to pay for your care, but your spouse must remain in the house if you do that. Both financial options come with various ramifications, so meet with a financial professional or elder care lawyer before you pursue either. It’s also important to note that Medicare, worker’s disability, and health insurance won’t cover the cost of your care.

Now that you know a little more about Henderson assisted living, you can start your search for the best facility for your needs. You can find more information about assisted living and award winning facilities located in the area on

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