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Henderson Alzheimer’s Care

Memory care requires much more than caring for patients properly. They need to feel secure in their environment, work toward improving any cognitive function they can, and know they have a companion to count on each day. Alzheimer's care in Henderson ensures seniors get every type of help they need. There are support groups, care facilities, and other offerings available that contribute to making the transition into this next phase of life a little less frightening.

Eight Facts About Alzheimer’s in Henderson

A semi-private room in Henderson costs upwards of $80,000 per year.

More than 64,000 people are expected to have Alzheimer’s in Nevada by 2025.

There has been a 130% increase in the number of Alzheimer’s-related deaths since 2000.

Medicaid paid $177 million toward Alzheimer’s costs in 2016.

There were 448 deaths in 2013 alone.

Caregivers in charge of Alzheimer’s patients spend more on health care costs for themselves due to the high stress.

162,000,000 hours of care went unpaid in 2015.

There are 143,000 caregivers living in Nevada that provide adequate care to all Alzheimer’s patients in the state.

Understanding All Aspects of Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s care, also called memory care, comes in various stages. All levels of care needed for a person with a mental deficit fall under this category. Care at a long-term facility includes daily meals, medication management, help completing activities, social interaction, physical therapy, and much more. The quality of life is far more significant in an establishment such as this than it is for someone who remains at home alone with a single caregiver.

Some people choose to remain in their homes anyway. They can have a professional come to assist or have a family caregiver handle all tasks. A home health aide can provide physical therapy, help with dressing and bathing, and also assist with eating when necessary. A family caregiver can perform all these duties as well, but may not be able to offer physical therapy.  

Adult day care is another possibility. Some nurses stand by to provide nursing care, but the primary objective is to get seniors participating in social activities. The center offers gym activities, arts and crafts, music time, and more. There is even a meal provided that meets all nutritional guidelines adequate for senior health. Getting outdoors is a significant component of this program, as it helps many seniors who have been stuck inside for some time get the fresh air they desire.

Costs Associated With Care

The Henderson area is tied in with Las Vegas, which is one of the more expensive locations within Nevada. You can expect to pay high rates for Alzheimer’s and any other medical-related care. If you choose to go with a home health aide, you will be paying a median price of $21 per hour. The cost could get high if you hire a live-in aide. A private room in a nursing home costs $263 per day. This price equates to more than $95,900 per year.

Paying for Care in Henderson

Paying for care in Henderson can get accomplished only after a few considerations get made. The first is in regards to insurance. No person should pay care costs entirely out of pocket. The first step is to sign up for insurance. You get at least a portion of the costs covered. Having insurance lessens the monetary burden placed on you and your family. There will be less leftover for you to pay. Many insurance agencies offer a long-term care policy of this nature. Check into your options before making any further payment plans or decisions.

Choosing Your Room Carefully

Private rooms may offer more privacy, but they do not come cheap. People who cannot afford a place like this should consider getting a roommate. It saves on costs and makes the move to a nursing home more affordable. Many locations offer semi-private rooms for two people to share. Each person gets a bedroom but must share the remainder of the living quarters. You still get privacy in your own bed, which is better than having none at all.

You should visit multiple Alzheimer’s care facilities in Henderson to determine the best place. A location with a variety of room options, numerous amenities, a location close to home, and an abundance of unique features is the place to choose. You might be able to snatch some all-inclusive packages that give your loved one access to activities, unique rooms, the outdoors, daily meals, and perhaps even housekeeping.


There is not only one type of insurance to buy. Multiple options exist that allow people to choose for themselves which is best. Apply for low-income insurance if you meet the requirements. This type will better help you afford to care for long-term stays. You may be able to get both Medicaid and Medicare. Both options are available to seniors in the Henderson area. You can get help filling out the forms if you have trouble completing them on your own. Medicaid and Medicare-certified facilities are your only living choices when using these insurance types.

If you do not qualify for these low-cost options, your only choice is then to go to a private agency. Seek their long-term care policy and find out whether or not you can afford it. There may be an option out there to help you get into the facility of your choice.

Selling Your House

To afford care, you may find yourself in a pickle. You could need to sell your house before you have the money to pay for a nursing facility. After insurance covers some of the costs and you’ve selected an all-inclusive location and semi-private room, you’ll have far less to pay. Your house could give you years in a facility if you play your cards right. It is best to wait to do this until it is truly needed. Sell for as much as you can and use the profits on your new living quarters.

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