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Henderson 55+ Communities

If you’ve been waiting a long time for your retirement, you might not be thrilled with the idea of taking care of household chores during your well-earned free time. Independent living communities, also known as retirement communities, senior living centers, and 55+ communities, might be the best option. These facilities allow seniors to enjoy their retirement while someone else takes care of things like cleaning, cooking meals, handling yard work, and household repairs. They even provide extra amenities like transportation and on-site classes, salons, restaurants, and more.

Henderson has a few independent communities like Merrill Gardens at Green Valley Ranch and Pacifica Senior Living, but it’s also close to Las Vegas and their numerous senior living facilities. There is an option for every senior and every lifestyle, so you just have to decide what suits your needs.

What Is the Cost of 55+ Communities?

Rent does tend to be a little bit higher for independent communities than it is for average rent. But it is cheaper than a nursing home or even some assisted living facilities. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Henderson is $895, and two-bedroom apartments cost around $1,103. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a retirement community can start at $2,250 but can go as high as $4,200 per month. Your cost will depend on the type of room you get, the location, the services, and the amenities included in your lifestyle.

How Can I Pay for A 55+ Community?

If you decide that a 55+ community is for you, you will have to pay for everything out-of-pocket. Benefits programs like Medicaid, Medicare and VA benefits will not cover the cost of this style of living. Those programs can help you cover the cost of things like personal and home health care. However, if you’re an able-bodied adult, they won’t pay for basic living expenses.

You can use things like Social Security payments to cover the cost of your new home or your retirement savings account can help finance independent communities. If you own your home, consider selling it to use the funds for a new place or renting it out while you live in a new community.

Another way to cut costs is to consider getting a roommate for a two-bedroom apartment. This will cut your costs in half and make it more affordable, but there are a few caveats. Your community must allow roommates, and you need to make sure you can handle having a roommate long-term. Give the situation a trial run. If both you and your roommate agree to the same terms, go ahead and sign a lease together.

What Should I Look for In A 55+ Community?

Independent living communities can offer different lifestyles for each senior, so the most important thing to do when you start your search is sit down and make a list of what’s important to you. Do you like to travel? You might do better with a minimal maintenance home that is a quiet place to rest between trips. Are you more of a homebody? Make sure you find a home that has plenty of amenities, so you don’t have to leave as often. Do you have pets? Will you have family visiting often? Do you need to get around town? These are all things to consider.

After you have your list, start researching the communities in your area. Ask for suggestions from friends, read ads in the newspapers, go online and look at resident reviews, and then start visiting properties. Make sure to take notes about what you like and don’t like at each facility to help make your choice easier.

The Basics of Community Living

Each community will offer a basic set of services included in the rent. This might be things like utilities, housekeeping, and laundry services. A few will also include cable services and transportation to nearby places. Ask to see a map of the travel schedule to make sure it includes stops at places you need to go.

Meal plans are also a part of community living, and you might have a few options. Ask how many meals they offer each day and if there are snacks provided. If you would prefer to cook your meals, you might be able to opt out of the meal plan and cut down on the total cost. Other things to ask about are onsite staff, security measures, and if they allow pets. Regarding pets, ask if they require a pet deposit.

The Extra Services

After basics like utilities, transportation, and meal plans, each community will have a unique set of extra amenities that could include things like a golf course, indoor swimming pool, or even exercise classes. These might cost extra so make sure to ask beforehand. Additional amenities could include:

Art classes

On-site salon and barber services


Live entertainment

Outdoor grilling areas

Dog parks and walking trails

Game rooms and free Wi-Fi

Massage therapists



The Neighborhood Area

It’s an excellent idea to check out the surrounding neighborhood as well. Henderson is one of America’s best walking cities, so you want to make sure you’re safe on your daily strolls. Is the community near a busy road that will be noisy? Is there easy access to medical facilities? Are you near any schools? If you don’t drive, is there access to public transportation? These are all things to consider before you move.

Your Future

You also want to think about your future when you choose a new place to live. You might be in perfect health right now, but that could change in the future. If it does, do you want to be in a place that can take care of you no matter what stage you’re at or would you prefer to move to a new facility that can handle your needs?

If you don’t mind moving, communities like Merrill Gardens at Green Ranch Valley could be a wise choice. You’ll get a more private home and don’t have to worry about staff stopping in all the time. If you do need extra health care, you will have to move to a different location. If you would prefer a continuum of care, Pacifica Senior Living is a better option. They can take care of you no matter what happens and they have a full spectrum of assisted living and memory care options. All their services will help you stay in one place as you age.

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