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Caregiving in Henderson, NV

There are few more overwhelming tasks in life than caring for an ill or disabled family member. Frequently, the family caregiver assumes all the daily tasks and chores necessary to make sure that their ill loved one is properly cared for and kept safe from harm.

Full-time caregiving will consume all the time a family carer would usually have to take care of their own needs. Breaks are usually rare or impossible to take because there’s little extra help available.

If you’re the sole caregiver for your loved one in the Henderson area, keep reading to learn about some local resources that can help you take a needed break and recharge yourself.

We All Need a Break

Providing full-time care takes over the carer’s life, and both emotional and physical exhaustion will eventually set in. Finding ways to take periodic breaks will keep you healthier and maintain your emotional equilibrium.

Here are some options Henderson caregivers can take advantage of to relieve their workload.

Concierge Services around Henderson

Concierge services do exactly what it sounds like; these are service companies that will quickly perform important errands for you and deliver food and other goods directly to your doorstep. has satellites in many U.S. cities, including Henderson, Nevada. will deliver anything you need in Henderson straight to your home in under an hour. With, you’ll be able to stay by your ill or disabled family member’s side and still get the shopping done while taking care of any other household chores you need to get done.

Even a full-time caregiver needs care. Have you been putting off necessary medical care because you don’t have help to and from the doctor's office or hospital? Have you been putting off minor or even major surgery because you need someone to stay with you after surgery? Do you have very little or no time at all to go shopping and do your errands?

Christine’s Concierge Service in Henderson will provide these and other services for people overwhelmed by the demands of full time, home-based caregiving.  Christine’s Concierge Service will help lighten your load and do their best to provide a pleasant experience.

Envoy Concierge Service in Henderson is dedicated to assisting Henderson residents to get a vast range of errands and tasks done when they don’t have the time or ability to do so themselves.

Envoy Concierge Service will do your grocery shopping for you and bring every item on your list straight to your doorstep. Overwhelmed home-based caregivers can use Envoy’s services to get household chores done such as:

Changing light bulbs in your home

Basic household repairs

Cleaning up and taking out the trash

Thorough housecleaning and home organization

Mowing your lawn and basic landscaping

Envoy will also provide critical senior care services like transportation to and from medical appointments and adult day programs.

Respite Care

Respite care is essentially finding someone who will take care of your loved one while you take some needed time off; it can come in several different forms.

Adult day programs will provide seniors with amenable company, meals, social activities, personal care, and fun classes to make the day more enjoyable and engaging. Seniors who would ordinarily be housebound and bored in front of the TV will enjoy the change of scenery and chance to interact with their peer group. Caregivers will have an opportunity to take care of the plethora of chores and errands involved in maintaining a home and taking care of themselves.

There are adult day programs that are specially designed for seniors suffering from memory diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. If your family member also receives VA benefits or Medicaid, the cost of a quality adult day program may be covered. The average cost of adult day programs in Henderson is about $1500 per month.

There is also in-home respite care available. Someone will arrive at your doorstep and take over caregiving duties while you take time off from your regular care routine. There are agencies in and around Henderson that will send you a home health aide who is qualified and trained to take appropriate care of your homebound loved one. In-home respite care will cost about $100 per day on average.

We all need to get away for a while sometimes, and residential respite care could be the way to go. With residential respite care, you’ll deliver your loved one to a licensed assisted living or nursing home facility like Merrill Gardens at Green Valley Ranch - Henderson and Siena Hills - Henderson.

If you need to find good residential respite care in Henderson, try visiting and using their handy search tool.

Socializing is Fun

Being a full-time caregiver can make you feel isolated, especially considering that most of your friends and acquaintances won’t understand the challenges of your situation. Few people understand what it is to provide constant care for an ill or disabled loved one who will never get better.

The Alzheimer’s Association will put you in touch with support groups where you can meet with other people providing care for family members with degenerative neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Caregivers can take advantage of the online forum, day out programs, and other support services for people in and around Henderson.

The Jewish Family Service hosts regular support groups in most cities, including Henderson. The Jewish Family Service will also provide valuable services to the families of seniors with memory disease including senior care in-home assessment of client's needs and work with a client and their family to develop an individualized plan of care, provide guidance, and monitor services. 

When You’re Not Available

Inevitably, something will occur that makes caring for your family member impossible. Whether it’s a new child, a new job, the loss of a home, or even you become too ill or disabled to continue providing care.

This is the time to consider establishing a full-time care situation like an assisted living facility or nursing home for your loved one.

Find assisted living in Henderson near you.