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Medicare in Greensboro

Many seniors in Greensboro count on Medicare coverage to help with things like hospital stays and prescription medicine. In fact, 84,173 people in Guilford County use Medicare and more people rely on it each year. If you have questions about Medicare or need to find services, doctors, or programs in your area, you can use these online resources to assist you.

Medicare Coverage Parts

Here’s a quick review of Medicare coverages. Medicare is a federal health care plan for seniors that are 65 and older as well as younger people who have certain disabilities. There are four parts to Medicare coverage, and each offers different benefits.

Part A takes care of things like inpatient care at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and in some cases, in-home care services.

Part B helps cover medical services you might need. This can include things like doctor’s visits, outpatient care, medical supplies, and wellness checks.

Part C is also called the Medicare Advantage Plan. This means you can use a private insurance company to cover your Part A and B expenses and then use their prescription drug coverage.

Part D is Medicare’s prescription coverage, and it can be added on to your benefits if you choose not to use Part C.

Guilford County Medicare Statistics

The per capita costs for Medicare in Guilford County are $8,667, which is less the national per capita cost of $9,501.

70 is the average age of beneficiaries in the county.

55.4% of the recipients in the county were female, and 44.6% were male in 2014.

Guilford County has higher than average rates for chronic kidney disease and lower than average rates of coronary heart disease.

Inpatient care was the most used service in 2014 followed by outpatient care.

Offices for Medicare In Greensboro

Many services and information for Medicare are online, but there are local spots that can help too. The regional office for North Carolina is in Atlanta, but you can go to the Greensboro Social Security Office for Medicare assistance as well. They can help you with things like applying for benefits, getting a new card, and answering any questions you have.

Greensboro, NC Social Security Office

6005 Landmark Ctr. Blvd

Greensboro, NC 27407

(877) 319-3075

The office is just West of Interstate 40, so you can get to it easily. You need to call ahead and make an appointment, and they are only open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. They close at noon on Wednesdays. You can also call the national line at (800) 772-1213 for more general questions.

Providers in Greensboro

It is simple to find Medicare-approved providers and services in Greensboro with a few online search tools. The Physicians Compare tool allows you to look for doctors in the area that accept Medicare. Right now, if you enter Greensboro, you can find 14 physicians within 10 miles that provide geriatric medicine. You can change the filters in your search to locate doctors with specific certifications and other qualifications.

You can also learn more about each doctor with this tool. If you click on the physician’s name you can see where their office is, what payments they accept and any hospital privileges they have. You can also see the other doctors in their practice. Medicare only offers a search of group practices, but in the future, you can search only doctors too.

You can find nursing homes through another search tool like Physician’s Compare. Within 25 miles of Greensboro, there are over 30 nursing homes. You can see their overall rating, look at past health inspections, and see their quality measures all in one spot. also provides search tools for in-home care, rehabilitative, services, and medical equipment.

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