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Medicaid in Greensboro

Medicaid is an essential government program that prevents financially insecure seniors and the disabled from falling through the cracks of the medical care system in the United States. A majority of nursing home residents in the North Carolina rely on Medicaid benefits to one degree or another to access the critical medical care service that they need.

North Carolina seniors, low-income state residents, and the disabled can all take advantage of the Medicaid program to receive all kinds of medical care and service without worrying about the financial impact that they may not be able to withstand.

If you need, or think you may soon require the help that the North Carolina Medicaid program can provide eligible individuals and families, then continue reading and learn:

What the Medicaid program will cover

How Medicaid can help you get to your appointments if you’re physically or financially unable to do so on your own

How to start the Medicaid application process

Where to look for help filling out the application

Qualifying for Medicaid in Greensboro

Medicaid is a program that is intended to provide invaluable assistance to the population that needs it most frequently; the low-income individuals and families, people aged 65 years and over, and people who are expected to remain disabled for at least a year. Patients who will require at least 30 continuous days of medical care may also be eligible for Medicaid benefits.

Many seniors who own homes may be concerned that they can’t qualify for Medicaid benefits because of it. Fortunately, North Carolina Medicaid won’t consider the value of your home when determining eligibility. Conversely; having no valuable assets (other than your home) and being short on cash for your medical care are considered factors to approve your application for Medicaid benefits.

Assistance with Your Greensboro Medicaid Application

The first step is to begin your application by visiting the North Carolina Medicaid website and fill in your information on the online application.

Seniors who are experiencing difficulties in completing the online application can visit the contact page for North Carolina Medicaid or call 1-800-662-7030 to get the help that you need or find answers to the questions you may have.

What Does Greensboro Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid is a comprehensive program that will cover the cost of many essential dental, opticians, medical, and rehabilitative services.

Medicaid recipients will take advantage of:

Routine medical check-ups

Dental care

Ophthalmological and optician care

Rehabilitative services

All forms of diagnostic care

Nursing home care

Hospice care

Transportation to Greensboro Medical Appointments

North Carolina Medicaid makes provisions for round trip transportation of Medicaid recipients to medical appointments. Medicaid recipients who are physically or financially unable to arrange necessary transportation for medical service will be provided for under federal regulations and interpretations of Title XIX of the Social Security Act.

Rather than use the provided transportation; Medicaid beneficiaries may also hire someone to drive them and be reimbursed for the cost incurred.

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