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How to Get Around Greensboro Without Driving

Being such a large city well populated with people, it is imperative to find transportation services to make it around the Greensboro area. Taxis, busses, senior transportation services and more exist to provide all residents of Greensboro with a way to get around when needed. Utilize one or all of these services when you do not have a vehicle yourself and need to make your way from one end of town to the other.

Greensboro Transit Authority

GTA has fixed bus routes in place that you can utilize if you need a ride. Bus lines operate Monday through Friday from 5:15 am to 11:30 pm, 6 am to 10 pm on Saturday, and 6 am to 6 pm on Sunday. You can contact the customer service number at 336-335-6499 to learn about your route options and see if there is an available bus near you at the time you need to travel. Seniors over 60 can pay just $2 for a one-day pass or get the 11-ride pass or 31-day unlimited ride pass for half off regular prices.


Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation operates on a fixed schedule. These buses come wheelchair-accessible and also have bicycle racks available. There is a regional hub in Greensboro located at 602 S Regional Rd where you can schedule rides and get on and off the bus.

Taxi Service

Taxis sometimes prove more costly than bus systems, but they are still an available option in Greensboro, if you need them. Greensboro Airport Taxi & Limo LLC is one of the primary options, allowing you to book a cab right at the time you require services. Call (336) 268-2844 to book a taxi or use their website to make your specifications about service, including the pick-up location, final destination, and whether you need it now or later. Triad Cab Taxi is another option. Call the Greensboro office at (336) 681-7188 to schedule a ride.

Senior Transportation

Seniors, in particular, can get transportation from home health aides and other services when they need to make it to medical appointments or run necessary errands. Guilford County offers a full list of options in the area that you can use. The first choice is transportation and mobility services for Medicaid patients. Call 336-641-4848 to get service.

The Shepherd Center focuses on helping seniors find rides. You have to schedule service at least three days in advance, and they only bring you to destinations throughout Greensboro that are not medically-related. They will not wait out doctor’s appointments. There is no charge for the service, but riders need to be aware that it is volunteer-based, so not everyone will have wheelchair accessible vehicles available. Call 336-378-0766 to set up your transportation.

Getting Help Finding a Ride

You may also contact your local Aging and Disability Services. Contact the Piedmont Triad Regional Council to discuss transportation assistance. They will get you set up with the appropriate staff members who can help you find a ride.

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