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Greensboro Veterans Benefits

Veterans deserve the best care when they return home from protecting the United States.  In Greensboro, North Carolina, that includes access to programs and services for any need.  There are health care programs that can help with things like mental wellness or substance abuse problems, housing opportunities, and assistance, as well as programs to find and train for local jobs.

Health Care for Greensboro Veterans

Unfortunately, not every veteran realizes they could be eligible for health care, and many go without the proper care.  The VA states that any man or woman who has served and had a discharge other than dishonorable or is actively serving has access to the health care that they need.  This could include primary care or specialty care.  Applications are considered according to priority groups.

There is a VA Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina which provides geriatric care for Greensboro seniors.  These services might include in-home care programs, hospice services, mental health checks, primary care, and supportive services for caretakers of veterans.  

The Durham Medical Center also offers a Medical Foster Home Program.  This program helps place seniors in homes of vetted caretakers in the area.  Seniors can live with certified caregivers who will provide them with meals, transportation, medical care, and help with daily life.

Housing for Greensboro Veterans

North Carolina Military and Veteran Affairs lists all the various housing assistance programs for veterans in the state.  Some of these programs for those that are disabled while others help those who might not be able to find a home.  A few of the programs include:

Transitional housing for those that have just returned home from active duty which is a men’s only program right now.  

Steadfast House which offers both women and children shelter and other opportunities.  

The Servant Center for veterans with disabilities or other medical issues.

Numerous shelters and organizations on the list, like Caring Services Vet Safety Net, are designed for veterans recovering from substance abuse problems.

The Salvation Army also has a housing program for veterans and their families that might be facing the possibility of homelessness.  There are a few requirements to enter their program, but they also have a Housing First program, for selected individuals that give people a shelter without meeting any other conditions.  

North Carolina also has some tax exemptions for veterans that can help them purchase a house or lower the interest rate on their current mortgage payments. Veterans might also get a break on their income taxes.

More Resources for Greensboro Veterans

The University of North Carolina Greensboro has a few veteran’s services which include educational opportunities for returning service members.  Their Veterans Resource Center has all the possible tools and services to help military-related students do their best and succeed.  

NC Works provides veterans with special services to find jobs and opportunities in the area.  Veterans can visit their NC Works Career Center and find free services like career assessments, information about job fairs and workshops, local job listings, resume assistance, and access to computers and free internet.  

The Greensboro Library also has free computer services to find work in the area, and their site lists national employment services that could be useful.  

If you need further information or assistance, you can visit to learn about how they can pay for assisted living.

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