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Greensboro Support Groups for Caregivers

Caregiving is a role with little downtime.  It is demanding, but you know how rewarding it is at the same time.  Be sure to take care of yourself so that you can be the best caregiver possible, which means taking breaks and seeking support programs.  Below is an outline of some caregiver support groups and services in the Greensboro area to get you the help you need.

North Carolina Government Caregiver Programs

The Piedmont Triad Regional Council offers various programs for area caregivers including educational programs, learning luncheons, family caregiver workshops, support group meetings, and caregiver day out events. Each county has a listing of area events so that you meet with local caregivers to discuss similar concerns, experiences, and strategies.

For more information, call 336.904.0300.

The Alzheimer’s Association of Western Carolina

The Alzheimer’s Association knows that Alzheimer’s can be a tricky disease, and caregiving can be stressful at times.  The Association offers a variety of services to help caregivers including care consultation, training, referrals for local services, early-stage programs, and caregiver support groups.

The Association is there for you 24/7 through the Helpline at 1.800.272.3900. You can ask a trained professional about the Association’s programs, care options, caregiving tips, respite care, and emotional support.

Local support groups can help you emotionally.  You can share experiences and talk to someone who knows exactly how you feel. You can also join the online community to chat with other caregivers across the nation to exchange ideas.

Education can be helpful.  The Association offers various educational opportunities with local area training programs, eLearning, educational materials, and conferences.  You can request a speaker to speak to your group.

To learn more about available programs, you can contact the local Greensboro office at 4615 Dundas Drive, Suite 103 or call 336.285.5920.

VA Veteran Caregiver Programs

If you are caring for a veteran, you can inquire about help through different VA hospital systems in the area.  There is not a hospital in Greensboro, but there are some in nearby Durham, Salem, and Salisbury, but there are services outside of hospital care. Caregivers of veterans can look into the following services:

A dedicated Helpline for all questions at 855.260.3274

In-home services including homemaking, skilled nursing care, and home health aides

Respite care through adult day centers or in the home

Peer support groups for caregivers

Hospice home care

There are also additional services for veterans injured post 9/11 including a stipend, additional training, and medical coverage if there is no insurance available.

Call the Helpline at 855.260.3274 to learn more about these programs and explore local services.

Wellspring Solutions Education Programs

Education is vital for caregivers and can help you provide the best care.  There are two support groups in Greensboro each month.  In addition, the Wellspring Group offers a variety of workshops covering topics such as safety, nutrition, community resources, and more.

Senior Resources of Guilford

The Caregiver Information Program helps caregivers caring for a loved one over the age of 60. The North Carolina Family Caregiver Program assists caregivers by:

Connecting them with local resources

Providing care consultation

Referring respite care options

Guiding them to available materials through the Senior Resources of Guilford’s Resource Library

For more information, contact the Greensboro Office at 336.373.4816 or email [email protected].

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