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Greensboro Senior Centers

Greensboro offers a senior singles scene, theater and dance classes, bingo, fitness, and much more. Seniors interested in any of these activities should visit their local senior center to explore their options. There are also groups in the area that help all retirees stay connected. Check out some of the choices and see which things you want to do to occupy your time.

Want to Play Games?

Visit the Smith Center Recreation Center if you want to try some games. The space provides a safe area for seniors to go when they want to meet with friends for some simple play time. Get out the cards or board games available and have some fun.

Want to Learn Something New?

The Greensboro Senior Center remains open Monday through Friday. There are many afternoon activities available, including classes. If you want to learn something new, such as knitting, painting, or even computer training, then this center is the best option for you.

Want to Stay Fit?

Many retirees choose to work on their fitness, hoping to regain some strength and stamina they may have lost. Without equipment at home, though, it can prove difficult to find the encouragement to get in an ideal workout. The Greensboro Senior Center provides fitness equipment that seniors can use throughout the week. You can even take tai chi classes.

Want to Take the Stage?

If you enjoy performing and want to take the stage, you will most likely have to reach out to a local theater company to do so. Many senior centers can point you in the right direction if they do not offer classes themselves. City Arts offers drama classes for people of all ages. There are classes and workshops in painting, pottery, life drawing, and sculpture as well. The Drama Center has workshops and summer camps you can look into if you wish to participate.

Want to Meet New People?

When looking for senior meetups in Greensboro, one of the best places to look is online. There are plenty of groups you can find that allow you to meet new people and partake in some activities. A Christian singles meetup group and senior artisans club are just a couple of choices. If you prefer to stay offline, make some friends when you visit the senior centers in the area. Strike up a conversation with someone and see where it takes you. You may just find your new best friend.

Want to See the World?

Plenty of options exist throughout North Carolina that allow seniors to see more of the world than they could have thought. There are day trip tours and other options that allow groups to travel together so they can stay safe. Standard excursions allow you to get picked up from and dropped off at your residence. You may take trips to theaters, operas, and more throughout the state. Many senior centers offer outings as well that allow you to explore. If you wish to travel farther, you may need to look into custom travel options or plan something yourself with a group of friends.

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