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Greensboro In-Home Care

There are lots of reasons why seniors decide to use in-home care.

One of the most important reasons they decide on in-home care versus assisted living is the amount of money they’ll save. The average cost of getting in-home care in the Greensboro region was $100 per day in 2017, compared to $150 per day for assisted living and $235 per day for a private room in a nursing facility.

Receiving care in-home will allow seniors to live in the familiar surroundings of the family home for a longer period of time.

But what is in-home care like? Keep reading to familiarize yourself with in-home care in and around Greensboro; learn about what is available, what seniors say about it, and tips on how you can locate the in-home care service that is best for you and your loved ones.

Greensboro In-Home Care Agencies

There is a big selection of in-home care services in Greensboro, North Carolina.

These agencies are split into two broad categories: in-home personal care; often called companionship care and homemaker services, and in-home health care. Most service providers will offer both types of care.

North Carolina State law states that each agency must be certified and listed with the Department of Aging and Disability Services Home and Community Support Services Agencies program.

To get a good feel for what you can expect and get from Greensboro in-home care agencies, we checked out reviews left by seniors and their families.

Things that reviewers expected to find:

Smooth transitions regarding staffing changes, whether it’s due to routine turnover or other reasons. “The service previous to them went out of business, and the agency was able to rehire my home health aide into their company.”

Working with clients who keep pets.

Understanding the emotional issues seniors and their family carers deal with when outside caregivers come in the home.

Additionally, some in-home care clients noted that caregivers being available on short notice was an important factor to them.

It’s common for agencies to be capable of sending a carer to your home shortly after you or your family request assistance. So, you won’t be stuck if you need care coverage because of a sudden scheduling change.

Greensboro In-Home Care That Works With Your Schedule

In addition to getting care in a pinch, in-home care services can arrange a home health aide work schedule to give you help when you need it.

You could use help when you have the need for short-term respite care if you suddenly fall ill, or your caregiver goes on vacation or needs to take some time off.

A part-time caregiver might be all you need for a few hours out of the week to ensure that a semi-dependent senior has help dressing, grooming, having healthy breakfast prepared, and taking any medications on schedule.

All day or even live-in home health aides can ease the strain of providing continuous care for family carers who need to work, go to school, care for children or simply live inconveniently distant to give daily care.

Greensboro In-Home Care Is One Tool in the Senior Care Toolkit

Everyone has to have more than one way to maintain a home in good repair; in the same way, it’s best to assemble a range of in-home care tools to ensure you or your family are kept safe and healthy.

Keeping many options at your fingertips is the best way to know you’ll always have the necessary resources to give care while maintaining your peace of mind instead of worrying about changes to someone’s in-home care needs.

Let’s look at a few options you can think about:

Hire a caregiver directly as a money-saving alternative to working with the agency. If you’re paying a family member to provide care, it’s the easiest way to pay the going rate for the work they’ll do. Directly hiring a home health aide also gives you full control of the process at all points of the process.

Don’t forget your legal obligations like workman’s compensation insurance, disbursing payroll and the tax responsibilities of employing someone directly.

Setting up your own hybrid system that merges home health aide agency care with your employees is a way to get the best of both methods.

Another option for Greensboro seniors is to make use of local concierge or online delivery services to get chores or errands done.

Investigate online services like TaskRabbit if you need food items brought to your door. Rover is a pet-based service for when you don’t have time (or ability) to walk your dog.

For quick service, Amazon Prime Now is available to Amazon Prime members in Greensboro who need a low-cost, rapid (one-hour delivery or less) delivery of countless products like food, tech supplies, or home maintenance products straight to the home.

Make your senior in-home care toolkit work by doing your research before you hire or contract with any service. Ask friends and family if they are familiar with the business, check for good reviews online, and look for good ratings with the Greensboro Better Business Bureau.

Covering the cost of in-home care

Eligible Greensboro seniors can use Medicare or Medicaid to pay the cost of in-home health care under a particular set of circumstances.

To be eligible, applicants must be under a physician’s care, and that medical professional must certify that the senior is homebound and needs:

Occupational therapy

Speech-language therapy

Physical therapy, or periodic skilled nursing care

Additionally, the agency that gives service has to be Medicare-certified.

Ways to privately pay include:

Long-term care insurance

Getting a reverse mortgage

Taking out loans

Low-income seniors in need of in-home care that don’t meet Medicare’s reimbursement requirements can see if they’re eligible for other financial assistance from North Carolina Medicaid or the VA Aid & Attendance pension, if the senior is a wartime veteran or the widow of one.

Investigate services like Meals on Wheels, which provides meal delivery for low-income, homebound Greensboro seniors, and even their pets, making them an invaluable addition to your in-home senior care arsenal.

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