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Greensboro Hospice Care

The prospect of the imminent death is stressful for you and emotionally draining for your family members. Hospice care service can make these last weeks or months much better for all of you.

Greensboro has a wide variety of certified hospice care service companies to decide on. Even though many seniors think that hospice care service is provided in a specific place, this isn’t always the case.

Hospice care givers will aid Greensboro seniors in their own homes, a senior residence community, and in any hospital setting. Hospice care service is intended to keep you comfortable and as pain-free as possible in the last weeks of your life.

Quality hospice care can also provide critical aid for your family. There will also be people to help in household tasks, cooking, doing errands, and just lend a hand where it’s required.

Greensboro seniors who require hospice care service can keep reading to learn about who offers hospice care service in North Carolina, where to get hospice care service, and how you could pay for the hospice care you need in Greensboro.

The Hospice Care Team in Greensboro

The basis of your hospice care service will be given by professional and caring homemaker helpers or home health aides. Your aides will assist you with your personal care like bathing, grooming, meal preparation, and feeding assistance.

Home health or homemaker aides can also do errands, assist with the housework and cleaning, and offer a hand when it’s needed. They will free your family to spend time with you.

Emotional counselors and local social workers can give psychological support and critical advice about what to expect in the days and weeks leading to the end. They’ll offer a sympathetic ear and good advice to your family as they come to grips with the last days of your life.

Nurses will follow the hospice doctor’s instructions about your medications, your pain relief measures and also monitor your vital signs for distress.

The doctor is the hospice team's boss who ensures that every part of your medical care is carried out properly, as well as ensuring that any DNR order is respected and followed, or that critical care is given to lengthen your life for as long as possible.

Finding Hospice Care in Greensboro

There are so many ways to find quality hospice care providers in Greensboro.

In the beginning, your physician will likely provide a good list of local hospice care providers that he knows about, but there are other, more helpful sources of information you can take advantage of. is an unbelievable resource for information of interest to the senior community and keeps a wide list of hospice service and in-home care providers in the Greensboro area.

The Association for Hospices and Palliative Care has a fantastic list of hospice and palliative care providers in North Carolina and Greensboro. You will also find more information specifically about finding and paying for hospice care in the state of North Carolina.

Paying for Hospice Care in Greensboro

Greensboro seniors can use Medicare part A to pay for the hospice care service that they require, and eligible North Carolina veterans can go to the Veteran’s Administration website to find out if they qualify for hospice care through the VA healthcare system.

Low-income seniors can take advantage of hospice care providers who charge according to a sliding scale.

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