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Greensboro Funeral Homes

You never know when someone may pass, but you do know that it will happen someday. Getting a head start on funeral planning can help ensure you have everything prepared for when that day does arrive for yourself or your loved one. Greensboro funeral homes offer guidance and support during the time, but the for-profit businesses do make money off of the tragedy. Ask the right questions and know your rights so you can be sure you get the best service for your money.

Customer Rights at a Funeral Home

The Federal Trade Commission details laws regarding funeral homes and the rights customers have. Ten regulations exist that ensure consumers remain protected when doing their funeral planning. Those include the right to:

purchase separate goods and services

obtain price information over the phone

receive a written price list for all goods and services

see a written price list of casket choices

see a written price list of outer burial containers

receive a written statement of your choices, before you pay

get an explanation of any cemetery or crematory requirements

use an alternative container for cremation

purchase an urn or casket elsewhere

skip embalming

North Carolina has laws on cremation and where you may scatter ashes. In fact, they do not want ashes scattered at all, and prefer you keep them in a crypt, grave, or at home. If you do not wish to do so, then a typical burial is your best option in the state.

Determining if a Funeral Home is Right for You

You never know which funeral home is right for you until you set a list of criteria and find a place that meets all of it. Most people look for a location that is licensed, has a kind and compassion funeral director and employees, and is well-maintained and kept clean. Ask your friends and family for recommendations to see if there are any nearby places that meet your needs.

The North Carolina Board of Funeral Service works to ensure all establishments in the state are fully licensed. After obtaining licensing, the board continues to watch diligently to make sure all funeral homes remain qualified and are not breaking any set regulations. You can speak with them at 919-733-9380 to see if your chosen facility is still on the list.

Setting Your Budget

After deciding which funeral home you want to go with, and the services you would like, you need to focus on how much you have to spend. Chances are you will not have enough for everything you have been thinking about including. Some people recommend starting on the budget first and in advance of when your loved one even passes. Give yourself time to gather the right amount of money so you can throw the best funeral possible honoring your family member. Every product and service has a different price, so you want to be sure you keep track of what those costs are so you can plan for them accordingly in the long run.

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