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Greensboro Estate Sales

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult as is helping your elderly relatives downsize and move to an assisted living facility. Many people don’t realize the amount of emotional attachment they have to their family’s possessions until they must sort their things. If you and your family members are in charge of getting rid of your loved one’s things, it can be a challenging task.

It could be even harder if there are many items to sort through. According to the LA Times, the average US home has about 300,000 items. If your family member was a collector or held onto things longer than they needed, that number could be even bigger. If there is just too much to do all on your own, consider using an estate sale company. These professionals can handle the big task and help you move on.

How Do Estate Sales Work?

The best benefit of using an estate sale company is they are trained to get you the most money for your items and do everything in a much quicker time frame than you could yourself. The process of estate sales starts with a walk through with the company. During this period, they will appraise your items and decide how to price them to sell. Most professionals are certified appraisers, and if they have been in the area for a while, they will know the best prices to use. You can visit All Heart Estate Sales & Liquidation to see a more detailed list of this process.

After the appraisal, the company will come to the house to clean and stage the sale. Once you have removed the items you want to keep, the team will make sure the house looks nice, and all sale items are displayed properly. You can see some pictures of sale items and displays on Blue Moon Estate Sales website. The company will also handle any advertising and previews.

During the sale, staff members will take care of shopper’s questions, handle all sales transactions, and provide security for the sale. If there is an auction planned, they will run the whole thing. You can choose to stay at the house during the sale, but if you would prefer not to be there, that is fine.

Once the sale is over, the estate sale company will help you place the remaining items. They can refer you to local charities and donation groups or offer other advice on the pieces that didn’t sell. They will also confer with the executor of the will on sale items and make sure to cut a check for your portion of the sales. This part of the process usually only takes a few days.

How Much Do Estate Sale Companies Cost?

Some companies charge by the hour for the walk-through consultation while others offer this service for free. Sales fees will all depend on your location, the size of the house, and the number of items you’re selling. Usually, a 35% cut of all the sales is the standard fee, but if the house is particularly messy or there are a lot of things to sell this could go up. Feel free to shop around for the best prices and go over all service charges before you make your decision.

Finding Greensboro Estate Sales Companies

You can get suggestions from your attorney or neighbors and friends in the area as well as read reviews online. Make sure the reviews are from people who have used the company to sell their things and not just shoppers. The BBB of Greensboro has a few companies listed on their site, but you should ensure the business has certification through the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers. Also, sign a contract before you start any process of liquidating the estate.  

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