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Greensboro Assisted Living

You might be trying to decide whether you should move to an assisted living facility or not. Is it affordable? What goes on in an assisted living facility? How will I pay for the care? These are valid questions and assisted living in Greensboro is both affordable and able to match your care needs. You can find a community that fits your lifestyle as well as one that fits your budget, and you might be able to find financial assistance as well. Let’s look at the assisted living scene here in Greensboro.

The Cost of Assisted Living

Cost is one of the biggest factors for most seniors when it comes to long-term care. Greensboro median costs for assisted living tend to be lower than national median costs. Nationwide the average is around $3,628 while in Greensboro it’s $2,880.

Now, there is a large range of costs in the Greensboro area on Holden Heights offers semi-private rooms for around $1,705 while you can get a two-bedroom place at Brighten Gardens of Greensboro for $4,230. Obviously, this is a big price difference, but it shows just how many options are available. Your total cost will reflect the location of the facility, the type of room you get, what services you decide to use, and what extra amenities the facility has to offer.

What to Expect from Assisted Living

Assisted living can be anything you want, and you’re sure to find a variety of communities. There are some that are faith-based and offer religious services and celebrations while upscale communities can have a whole host of amenities available to residents. Carriage House Senior Living Community allows pets and complimentary transportation to the nearby shopping centers and medical facilities. Morningview at Irving Park has both a dentist and doctor on call as well as beauty services and a short drive to nearby Moses Cone Hospital. Once you know what you want from your lifestyle, you can find it at a Greensboro assisted living facility.

Searching for Assisted Living

Don’t get too overwhelmed with searching for the right assisted living facility because there are ways to make it easier. After you have created a list of the things you want from your daily life, start asking for suggestions from friends, neighbors, relatives, and even health care providers. After you have a group of places, search online to find reviews and research more about each facility. You could also use a senior advisor to help ease the stress of your search.

A senior advisor can help you find the best place that fits not only your needs and lifestyle but also your budget. They are often paid for by the community they represent, so you can use them free of charge, and they can also accompany you on visits to the places you like.

At each visit, be sure to ask plenty of questions and know what services your cost includes and what services are extra. You should also inquire about a continuum of care and see what services you can use if you need extra care or more assistance. Bring your checklist of wants and requirements, and if you need help coming up with more questions, you can use SeniorAdvisor’s Assisted Living Guide. This guidebook has an extensive list of questions to ask and information about paying for care and managing a move to a facility.

Paying for Assisted Living

Looking at the cost of assisted living might make you think there is no way you can afford to move there but that isn’t always true. On the surface, it might look like it would be cheaper to live at home and get the care and assistance you need through in-home health care. But if you also add the cost of taxes, homeowner's insurance, the cost of repairs and upkeep, it quickly adds up and assisted living becomes a better option. Consider selling your house and using that money to cover your costs or use another payment option if this isn’t available.

Medicaid is one of the most used choices when it comes to assisted living and nursing homes. This program is for low-income seniors who have little assets aside from their home or car. There are over 400 different Medicaid approved facilities in North Carolina, and if you think you might be eligible for coverage, you can check the Medicaid page on the Health and Human Services website.

Veterans and widows of veterans might be able to use VA benefits to cover an assisted living facility. Even if you weren’t in combat, if you served during a time of war you could be eligible for benefits. You can contact the regional office to learn more about coverage and find out if your service allows for you and your family to receive financial assistance with your long-term care.

Seniors who have long-term care insurance can also help offset the cost of assisted living. Be sure to talk with your insurance agent, though, because it might not cover all your expenses. See if it’s just room and board or if it also includes extra care services. Also, this is a suitable time to have your agent set up a payment plan that will keep your coverage going even if you’re unable to do so yourself. Seniors who have dementia or other serious illnesses are in danger of having their coverage lapse.

Finally, if none of these options work for your situation, you can look into other financial tools. A reverse mortgage can help free up equity in your home and allow you to pay for assisted living. The only caveat is you need your spouse to continue living in the home to use those funds. If you have a life insurance policy, you could consider cashing it out to use that money for your new home. You need to talk through both options, though, with a financial advisor, tax professional, or elder care attorney because there are tax and legal consequences of these decisions. You should also keep in mind that you can’t use Medicare, health insurance, or worker’s disability insurance to pay for assisted living.

Greensboro assisted living allows seniors to get the care they need and still enjoy their retirement. If you’re interested in assisted living and want more information, you can always visit to learn more about your options.

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