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Greensboro Alzheimer’s Care

The deadly disease known as Alzheimer’s takes over the minds of millions of people living in the United States. It primarily targets seniors in their 70s and 80s, but men and women as young as 50 can experience an early onset form of the illness. Dementia is another form, often accompanied by severe memory loss. The Western Carolina Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves Greensboro and surrounding areas. Use it to receive guidance and support whenever needed.

Information on Alzheimer’s in the State of North Carolina

70,000 seniors between the ages of 75 and 84 have Alzheimer’s in North Carolina.

More than 210,000 people are expected to have the disease by 2025.

Medicaid spent $1,094 million on care costs in 2016.

2,872 Alzheimer’s-related deaths occurred in 2013.

454,000 caregivers provide care to Alzheimer’s patients in North Carolina.

Caregivers have a higher cost of health care for themselves due to the stress put on their minds and bodies during their work routine.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in North Carolina.

What Classifies as Alzheimer’s Care?

Alzheimer’s care varies significantly but includes any care needed by Alzheimer’s patients. People who just started showing signs of the disease may still be able to handle daily needs on their own. Those who have struggled for some time often require assistance with daily tasks like bathing and dressing. Whatever stage you’re at determines the specific care you need.

Advanced stages of the disease require routine care. The disease is debilitating and leaves a person unable to care for themselves. They may need a nursing home environment and round-the-clock care to live safely. There are memory care units specifically designed for Alzheimer’s patients who need regular assistance.

A home health aide may also be able to stop by a person’s home and perform some necessary duties. They could check vital signs, offer help with dressing, or just provide companionship. This option works well for people who are not too far gone. They can remain in their homes and just have a nurse stop by to provide some assistance.

What Does Care Cost in Greensboro?

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, North Carolina has lower costs related to medical care than the average state across the U.S. Residents will pay $18 per hour for a homemaker and $20 per hour for a home health aide. A health aide handles medical-related tasks while the homemaker offers transportation and housekeeping duties.

The daily rate for a semi-private room in a nursing home is $219. You will spend $79,753 per year at this rate. A private room costs $235 per day. This price increases the yearly cost to $85,775. The semi-private choice saves you several thousand dollars, but you do not get as much privacy with this option.

How Do You Pay for Alzheimer’s Care?

Paying for quality care is necessary when you have Alzheimer’s. You want the best possible care there is to ensure your safety and well-being. Without paying the associated fees, a person already suffering from a debilitating disease would suffer even further. There are various ways to pay for Greensboro Alzheimer’s care that will not break the bank entirely.

Insurance Options

The first part of the process is looking into an insurance option. If insurance pays a significant portion of the care costs, you will not be left to pay a large amount on your own. Medicare is an insurance type primarily for seniors. Apply for this first above anything. Medicaid works well for low-income individuals. Apply for this type as well. You may qualify for both and get a larger portion of your bills covered.

If you do not qualify for either of these options, you need to look into private companies. Many offer long-term health care policies that allow you to get some of your care costs paid. You have higher premiums for these places, but it is still worth it to have help paying for some of your medical expenses.

Aid for Veterans

Greensboro veterans do not have to pay such high costs when they go to a VA Medical Center. The Greensboro Vet Center located at 3515 W Market St., Suite 120, operates from 8 pm to 7 pm Monday through Thursday. The facility stays open until 4:30 pm on Fridays. You can call 1-877-927-8387 if you are in desperate need for services after hours. Visit the center if you have medical concerns or just need to find information about support groups.

Area Agency on Aging

Seniors living in the Greensboro area can get assistance from the Piedmont Triad Regional Council Area Agency on Aging. They can connect you with valuable resources in the area, such as nursing facilities that accept Medicare payments, other seniors who have advice on the best places in the area, and even support groups. You can call 336-904-0300 to receive further information. Their website also discusses long-term care options and gives you the names of some facilities to check out in the future. There are nursing homes, adult care homes, and even family care homes spread throughout various North Carolina counties.

Live-In Care

Staying in a nursing home is not the only option. You can choose to utilize live-in care that is much more affordable. A home health aide or nurse can reside with you during the duration of your treatments. As long as you have a spare room available in your home, this option works well. There is typically an hourly rate to pay for these services, but the company may offer a discount deal since you are using the services daily. The person also does not have to live with you. They can come for several hours each day to check to see how you’re doing, monitor your vital signs, help make some meals, and handle any tasks you need completing.

Paying for care is not cheap. Look into all possibilities before making your final decision. There are plenty of options in Greensboro that give you the ability to choose the best fit for you.

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