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Greensboro Aging-in-Place

You can find all the services you need to stay at home and live comfortably. Homemaker services will relieve you of chores such as cleaning, cooking, errand running, transportation, and personal care. You can also get assistance with medical care from home health aides to monitor your condition, dispense your medications, assist with therapy, and check vitals.

How to Pay for this Care

If your doctor agrees you need in-home services to live comfortably, you have some options for reimbursements.  If you have a long-term care insurance policy and your doctor gives confirmation for these services, your policy may cover these expenses. Low-income seniors may qualify for Medicaid to pay for in-home care costs.

Some seniors may be eligible for programs such as in-home care, meals, transportation, and other care from North Carolina’s Aging and Adult Services. Wartime veterans may qualify for a VA Aid & Attendance pension to pay for in-home care expenses.

The Price Tag of In-Home Care

If you want to live at home, you may have to factor in the cost to make updates to your home to make it more accessible in the future by adding updates such as a wheelchair ramp, handicap accessible shower/bathtub, or grab bars. Your costs can also fluctuate depending on how many services you need.

In the US, the average daily rate was $122 for homemaking services and $125 for home health aide services, which you could figure the bill will be about $3,800 monthly. In Greensboro, the costs are slightly less with the daily average price of $113 for both homemaker services and home health aides, which is about $3,400 a month when you sum up the daily totals.

Looking for Providers

You can start your search by asking for referrals from people you trust like friends, neighbors, church members, and other acquaintances.  You can also search the Central North Carolina Better Business Bureau for a company’s rating, reviews, and any complaints.

When interviewing a company, you should ask about their insurance, bonding, training, and licenses.  It’s also important to know how they screen their employees such as background checks, drug testing, and identity verification. Find out how the business schedules their services and how billing works. Be sure to read the entire contract to be sure you understand the company’s policies before signing the contract or making a payment.

Additional Help

There may be times you need help beyond homemaker or home health aide services such as pet care, home renovations, or other home projects. You can find websites to connect you with people for assistance. lists area dog walkers and pet sitters for when you need help. Favor and TaskRabbit are two sites for posting task or errand jobs so people can bid on these projects. and Amazon Home Services assist you with finding contractors and handyman for home projects both big and small.  You should do your research before hiring any of these businesses or people by asking as many questions as possible and searching online reviews.

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