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Financial Assistance for Greensboro Seniors

Times are changing as you enter your elder years, and if you see changes in your bank accounts, don’t worry there are programs to help you pay for life’s necessities. These programs assist with food, housing, utilities, social programs, and even home modifications. Below are some highlights of programs in Greensboro to help you live a more comfortable life.

Food Awaits

The Mobile Meals Program in Greensboro brings nutritious, well-balanced meals right to the door of homebound seniors who are over 60. Volunteers from the community bring the food.  A local caterer prepares all the meals.  These volunteers also check the senior’s safety and provide companionship.

Other food programs are available to help seniors who are not homebound. North Carolina Food Stamp Program provides a monthly allowance of benefits to purchase foods at selected stores. This program does not cover items such as pet food, tobacco, paper products, cleaning solutions, or alcoholic beverages. Call the CARE-LINE at 1.800.662.7030 to learn more.  You can apply by visiting your local SNAP administering agency.

Utility and Housing Help

If you need help repairing your home but can’t afford the cost,  North Carolina Housing Finance Agency may be able to assist you with loans urgent repairs, accessibility updates, and rehabilitation. The City of Greensboro also has housing rehabilitation programs for low-income families.  This program helps with significant housing and structural problems to help make your home comfortable and safe.  

North Carolina’s Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) may be able to help your utility bills if you find yourself in financial hardship. One person in your household must be over 60 to be eligible for this program.

Weatherization programs can help you make your home more energy-efficient and conserve energy, which will save you money on your utility bills.  

For seniors who need help with housing, there are some options.  Affordable Housing Management has properties available.  Greensboro Housing Authority offers units for low-income seniors. You can also search HUD’s website for subsidized apartments for seniors.

Recreation, Learning, and Socialization

You need to get out and socialize with other seniors, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. Shepherd’s Center of Greensboro provides learning programs, a computer center, traveling clubs, volunteer opportunities, and assistance with home repairs.  You can also get transportation to the center. There are more games and recreational activities to enjoy time with your peers.

Senior Services of Guilford offers another senior center for you to make friends and join in activities. There are exercise programs, shopping trips, bingo, games, cards, cooking classes, and monthly health screenings.

You can also volunteer your time through the Senior Services of Guilford. Homebound seniors will find additional in-home programs to provide assistance and companionship.

You can also search for other clubs that meet your interests, such as looking on Meetup. There’s something for everyone in Greensboro, and you can find a program to fit your budget and help you make friends.

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