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Caregiving in Greensboro, NC

Taking on the full-time care duties for an ill or disabled loved one is an immense and frequently overwhelming undertaking. While the list of duties may seem like too much for a team of people to handle, all too often the full responsibility falls on the shoulders of one family member.

As a sole, full-time caregiver for someone who will need constant care for the rest of their lives, you sacrifice the time that you need to keep yourself healthy and happy in your life.

Caregivers in Greensboro need to take advantage of every opportunity and resource to find relief from the exhausting duties involved in providing continuous care.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with the resources available to you in and around Greensboro that will allow you to take needed breaks, and get critical help with errands, shopping, and chores, so you don’t wear out from the strain of trying to do everything.

Take a Break

Being a full-time caregiver for an ill, disabled or otherwise incapacitated family member is frequently physically and emotionally exhausting. There are businesses available in Greensboro that will offer you a much needed helping hand in performing chores and errands that your caregiving duties can make difficult, if not completely impossible.

Concierge services in and around Greensboro can be the answer to your dilemma. Concierge services will send people out to your home to assist you with a vast range of errands, chores, and services.

Concierge Services around Greensboro

One well-known concierge service available in Greensboro is This service company uses thoroughly vetted individuals to bring meals to your doorstep, perform errands that you aren’t able to leave home for yourself, and bring items such as groceries and drugstore items straight to you.

Amazon Prime Now, provided by the world famous and reputable, offers $8 + tip delivery within an hour for Amazon Prime subscribers of products like grocery and pet items, tech supplies, and a wide range of home goods.

Tick-Tock Concierge is another well-known and popular (luxury) concierge service that provides assistance to Greensboro residents. Tick-Tock Concierge provides luxury custom personal concierge services to individuals, families and even businesses in Asheville, Charleston and throughout the rest of the Southeast. Tick-Tock offers personalized service tailored to the particular and frequently unique needs of their North Carolina clients.

Tick-Tock Concierge was founded in 2013 by Ms. Kara E. Candler, and the company considers themselves a natural choice for all clients who lead demanding lives and need ways to free up time in their day-to-day lives.

Busy as a Bee Concierge serving Greensboro will handle all the tasks you can’t or simply don’t have time to, so you can do more of the important things in your daily life.

Busy as a Bee Concierge will run your personal or business errands, and can customize their services to meet their client’s particular needs. Busy as a Bee Concierge will give you the freedom to focus on the things that matter most and allow you to take care of yourself and your loved one better without worrying about many routine chores

Another good option is to enroll your loved one in an adult day program. Adult day programs will provide your family member with the company of their peers, and engaging activities along with the quality care that they need.

A good adult day program will provide fun classes, physical fitness, day trips and excursions, as well as the routine care that you would customarily perform. Additionally, if your family member is suffering from any of a variety of memory diseases, you’ll find adult day programs that will provide the specialized care that they need. The average cost of an adult day program in Greensboro is about $75 per day. While this may seem steep for many families, there are VA and Medicaid benefits that can reimburse you for the cost if your senior loved one is eligible.

Respite Care in Greensboro

Respite care in Greensboro is provided in many assisted living facilities and nursing homes. With respite care, your loved one will be transported to the facility where care is provided during the weekdays.

When it becomes necessary to leave your home for more than a couple of days, it could be time to consider residential respite care as the best option for you and your family member. Residential respite care will also provide services during weekdays with your loved one returning home in the evening.

You can work or care for other family members while enjoying the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is receiving top-notch care at a professionally run senior living facility. The average cost of daily respite care in Greensboro is around $1000 per month.

If you need to find good residential respite care in Greensboro, visit and try using their handy search tool.

If you prefer to have help in your home, there is in-home care available. Agencies in Greensboro will be happy to send you the home health aide or homemaker service care that you need to make life easier. Quality in-home care can be had in Greensboro for approximately $3000 per month.

Socializing is Necessary

The Alzheimer’s Association offers access to support groups and caregiver activities and events that will put you in touch with other people living the same situation as you. The Association also maintains an incredible online forum where you can communicate with other caregivers and trade advice, stories, information about resources, or simply enjoy some well-deserved commiseration.

The Jewish Family Service offers caregivers access to monthly support groups and special services for the families of dementia patients, care assessments, and even delivery of hot kosher meals to the homebound.

When You Can No Longer Provide Care

For any number of reasons, it may not be feasible to provide full-time care any longer. You’ll need to consider a residential care situation for your family member. The following are just a few of the services you’ll want to look for:

Senior transportation

Senior housing

Geriatric resources

Find assisted living in Greensboro near you.