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Veteran's Aid and Attendance Glossary

Making sure you receive the benefits you're eligible for is sometimes a tricky and confusing process, especially for veterans. Those who have worked to protect the rest of us especially deserve to take full advantage of the help due to them. Our veteran's aid and attendance glossary can help you better understand the sometimes confusing language and terms used for one of the benefits available to veterans.

Aid and attendance benefit (A&A benefit)

The aid and attendance benefit (sometimes shortened to just aid and attendance, or A&A benefit) is an underutilized veteran's disability income that provides financial help to veterans and their spouses in need of regular aid from a caregiver.

Aid and attendance eligibility (A&A eligibility)

Veterans are eligible for the A&A benefit if they've had at least 90 days of active duty during any war time, and they or their spouse require a caregiver to help with many of the basic tasks of daily living.

Aid and attendance improved pension (A&A improved pension)

This is another common term used to describe the aid and attendance benefit, as is "aid and attendance pension."

Alzheimer's care

The term used to describe the senior care services particular to helping Alzheimer's patients (also sometimes called "memory care"). Veterans needing Alzheimer's care are amongst those eligible for the veteran's aid and attendance benefit.

Assisted living

Also sometimes called "assisted care," this applies to living options for veterans that include senior care services like meals, bathing, transportation, on-site medical support and help with medications. Veterans in assisted living are often eligible for the aid and attendance pension.

Department of veterans' affairs

This is the department of the federal government devoted to providing health care and other benefits to veterans and their families.

Home care

An option in which professional caregivers work with those needing regular help with daily activities in their own homes. Some veterans needing home care are eligible for the aid and attendance benefit.

Improved pension benefit

A larger category of veterans' benefits of which the aid and attendance benefit is one part, along with the "basic" and "housebound" tiers.

Long-term care

This refers to the expectation that residential care homes can care for residents over many years.

Nursing homes

Licensed healthcare facilities for those needing regular care that requires skilled medical knowledge. Veterans living in nursing homes are likely to be eligible for the aid and attendance improved pension.

Residential care

The term applied to retirement homes that provide some level of assisted care, but also focus on providing a home-like environment.

Service-related injuries

This applies to injuries veterans received while in active service, which are not required for them to take advantage of the aid and attendance pension.

Skilled nursing

Skilled nursing facilities are another common term for nursing homes.

VA benefits

This is an umbrella term that applies to any benefits available to veterans due to their military service. The improved pension benefit is one small part of that.

A website with lots of valuable information for any veterans interested in learning more about, or applying for, the aid and attendance pension.

Veterans administration

A term commonly used to describe the Department of Veterans Affairs, often shortened to the "VA."

Veteran's aid

Another term used to describe the benefits available to veterans due to their military service.

Veterans Application for Pension or Compensation

The application form veterans should fill out in order to be considered for the aid and attendance pension.

Veteran's assistance

Another term sometimes used to describe the benefits available to veterans due to their military service.

Veteran senior living

The senior living options available to veterans that span from assisted living, independent living, in-home care and beyond. Veterans are eligible for financial help with many of the most common senior living options.

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