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What’s the Cost of Living in Glendale, AZ?

While the national median cost of living is relatively affordable, retirees living in many parts of the U.S. have a much higher local cost of living. The best way to stretch your fixed retirement income is to relocate to somewhere with a more affordable cost of living.

While Glendale, Arizona isn’t among the cheapest places to live in the U.S. for retired people, it does have a lot to recommend it.

If you need to stretch how far your retirement income can go, while maintaining a good quality of life, Glendale could be the place for you.

What’s the Cost of Transportation in Glendale?

We all need to get around. Shopping, socializing, medical care, and enjoying the local area all involve travel. In Glendale, you can easily drive to any location on well-maintained highways. The price of gasoline in Glendale is between $2.30 and $2.75 per gallon, and the dry, hot climate helps your car get good mileage and last longer.

Auto insurance is within the national average and will vary according to your particulars. Compared to the cost of insurance in most other cities it can be considered affordable.

There are affordable buses and light rail service to all local communities and Phoenix. If you eventually have to stop driving due to deteriorating vision or health, you can still get around.

Food and Restaurant Costs in Glendale

Eating out is a pleasurable activity for most people and in Glendale, it’s easy to do so. The cost of a quick fast-food meal in Glendale is only $6 to $8, and a restaurant meal is reasonably priced at $7 to $15. Considering the great southwestern cuisine you’ll enjoy, eating out in Glendale is affordable and pleasurable.

Groceries are an unavoidable living expense anywhere you reside. In Glendale, the cost of groceries is easy on your budget. A quart of milk is less than one dollar, and a dozen eggs are between $2 and $3. Meat is equally affordable; a pound of boneless chicken breast is only $3 per pound. You can buy a decent red wine for between $8 and $10 per bottle.

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Costs in Glendale

Inevitably, our physical abilities will decline with age. It is wise to consider the possibility of moving into an assisted living facility or even a nursing home at some point.

In Glendale, the cost of assisted living or nursing home residency is below the national average. An assisted living facility will cost an average of $3200 per month, and a semi-private room in a nursing home is only $5,500 per month.

Compare Cost of Living and Ease of Travel

Ultimately, you must compare the cost of living in Glendale to your current expenses. You must also judge if traveling locally is easier or more difficult compared to where you currently reside.

Write everything down and compare pros and cons to judge the right move to make for you. With care, you’ll make the right choice.

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