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How Much Does It Cost to Retire in Glendale, AZ?

One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking at retirement destinations is the local cost of living. Glendale is becoming increasingly popular among baby boomers who are looking for an affordable place to settle down and enjoy their retirement years. In addition to low personal income tax rates, Glendale offers inexpensive rental prices, low-cost health care, and convenient public transportation options.

Finding affordable housing in Glendale

Do you need help with dressing, grooming, and other daily living activities? Are you having trouble cooking your own meals or keeping up with the cleaning? If so, assisted living facilities located throughout Glendale can provide the care that you need. Local costs are similar to the cost of assisted living services nationwide, with residents paying a median of $41,640 per year for a room in a Glendale area assisted living facility.

If you are able to live independently, you can find affordable apartments for rent in the Glendale area. As of October 2016, a one-bedroom apartment in Glendale cost an average of $837 per month, while families paid an average of $1021 per month for a two-bedroom unit. Seniors who are looking to purchase their own home can expect to pay around $230,200 for local property, according to a 2016 Forbes estimate.

Covering the cost of health care services

Medicare spending helps thousands of Glendale seniors to stay healthy each year. Spending is slightly lower per person in Maricopa County than nationwide, amounting to $9,023 per beneficiary as opposed to $9,501.

Your Medicare coverage will vary based on your current plan, but most beneficiaries must meet the cost of certain copayments and deductibles throughout the year. Always make sure to budget accordingly for health care services. If you need help, you can access Medicare counselling through the Maricopa County Region 1 Area Agency on Aging.

Getting around Glendale on a budget

Owning a car can become a significant monthly expense for Glendale seniors who are living on a limited income. While gasoline prices in Glendale tend to be relatively low, locals pay some of the highest auto insurance rates in the state. Rates average around $730 per year, but by shopping around, drivers can find cheaper premiums. If you are a safe driver or do not use your car often, some companies may offer you deals and discounts.

Many Glendale seniors opt to travel via the city’s sprawling public transit system, which offers discounted fares for adults over 65. Valley Metro bus routes and train schedules offer an affordable and convenient way to get to popular destinations throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. If you want to keep closer to home, Glendale Urban Shuttles allow locals to travel to neighborhood hotspots such as the supermarket or the dry cleaners for just $0.25.

Having fun without breaking the bank

Most of Glendale’s many parks do not ask for admission and offer hiking trails, tennis courts, playgrounds, and more that are open to the public. Active seniors may also enjoy free tours of the historic Sahuaro Ranch or go for an exciting 30 to 40 minute train ride offered by the Maricopa Live Steamers Railroad Heritage Preservation Society.

If you’re looking for fun and festivities, you can head down to special seasonal events held throughout the year that feature dazzling lights, fireworks, and parades. The city’s signature festivals, including Chocolate Affaire and the Glitters Spectacular Weekend, offer free admission for guests.

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