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How Much Do Glendale Nursing Homes Cost?

The Glendale area of Arizona offers older adults a wide range of unique services and specialty care options provided by local facilities. Thunderbird Senior Living in Glendale features assisted living and independent living lifestyle plans that offer all the comforts of home while providing residents with access to supportive services, on-site activities, and meals. Glencroft Senior Living offers restorative care, physical therapy, speech therapy, and subacute care along with assisted and independent living services. Here’s an overview of senior care options in the Glendale area with approximate costs and suggestions on what you should look for when choosing a skilled nursing facility.

What Types of Services are Offered by Nursing Homes?

Services provided by skilled nursing care facilities extend beyond that of the typical end-of-life care for the elderly that many people associate with nursing homes. Examples of the levels of care provided include short-term respite care and rehabilitation services. Seniors that may be recovering from an injury, illness, or recent surgery while receiving physical therapy or occupational therapy may have a short stay at a nursing home. Other types of lifestyle options include independent living, assisted living, memory care, and Alzheimer’s support services.

Facts and Figures: What is the Average Length of Stay in a Nursing Home?

Many people may ask what the typical length of stay in a nursing home is and what factors if any, contribute to the numbers. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, statistics show that seniors who are 65 years of age or older have a 70% probability of requiring some level of skilled nursing care services in their lifetime.

The figures reflect a higher length of stay for women at about 3.7 years, whereas the numbers for men are lower at only 2.2 years. The data shows that a small portion of this segment of the population, in the range of about 33%, will never require skilled nursing care services. Approximately 20% of seniors will require skilled nursing facility care for a period extending to the past 5 years.

How Much Do Nursing Home Services in Glendale Cost?

To get a better idea of the approximate expenses associated with nursing home services, check out the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, which publishes data for what you can expect to pay for long-term care services across the nation. The survey includes figures for major metropolitan areas within each of the states. Regional data for Arizona does not include Glendale but does have statistics for nearby Phoenix, which posted median monthly rates in 2016 at $6,296 for a semi-private room.

The approximate costs for a private room in Phoenix are higher, ranging at about $7,969 for monthly median rates. Many factors go into determining the costs of nursing home services. In addition to location, other factors include types of services offered and whether the facility receives state and federal funding or private financial support.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Quality Skilled Nursing Facility

The best way to determine the overall quality of a skilled nursing care facility is by having a tour and asking questions. Ask to be shown around the building grounds to check for cleanliness. Is the facility well maintained and does it provide residents with a safe and secure environment? What types of activities are provided for residents? Are staff members well trained and professional? Read online reviews and get recommendations from friends, neighbors, and family members. Additional tips and suggestions are offered by the AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association to help you make an informed choice.

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