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Glendale Senior Centers

It’s easy for Glendale seniors to stay active during their retirement years. The city offers a wide variety of opportunities for locals to get out, exercise, and socialize.

How to find entertainment

The Glendale Community Center’s YWCA Senior Program gives locals the chance to get out and socialize as they enjoy bingo, card games, field trips and more. Seniors can also head down to the Glendale Adult Center to shoot some pool, play a board game, or challenge friends to a Wii bowling competition. Memberships cost $40 per year for Glendale residents and $60 for nonresidents.

How to continue your education

In addition, to an active social calendar, the Glendale Adult Center offers educational opportunities for older adults. Seniors can drop by the computer lab during open hours to surf the web or to take basic technology courses aimed at improving computer competency. The center also offers Bus and Gus Individual Training (B.A.G.I.T.) courses that teach older adults how to use local public transit options while getting the most bang for their buck.

How to keep fit

It’s important to stay active as you age in order to keep your body strong and your heart healthy. The Glendale Adult Center and the Foothills Recreation & Aquatics Center offers a variety of programs designed to keep older adults in shape. Seniors over 55 can purchase a discounted Foothills Recreation Center membership that grants full access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment, an indoor jogging track, three pools, and more. Foothills members can also challenge their friends to a friendly game of racquetball, pickleball, or walleyball on one of the center’s many courts. Fitness classes are offered year round, while special events and tournaments take place seasonally.

The Glendale Community College (GCC) Fitness Center offers low-cost fitness options for seniors who are living on a limited income. Medicare beneficiaries can participate in SilverSneakers and SilverFit classes without paying a dime, while seniors over 60 who are not eligible for Medicare can access the GCC Fitness Center at a steeply discounted rate.

How to take the stage

Dancers can hone their skills and connect with other performers by taking classes at the Glendale Adult Center. Belly dancing, Mexican folk dance and line dancing classes are available for seniors of all skill levels. Singers can join the Adult Center’s monthly Old-Time Gospel Sing Along and sing their favorite hymns alongside friends.

How to meet new people

The Glendale Adult Center makes it easy to meet other seniors in your neighborhood. Stop by to play games, take a fitness class, or join one of several arts and crafts clubs. Glendale is also home to a number of online Meetup groups geared towards adults over the age of 50. You can connect with older professionals, faith-based communities, singles groups and more in your area.

How to travel the world

Traveling as part of a group is a safe and stress-free way to explore new and exotic locations. Glendale retirees who want to see new sights and experience new cultures can join local travel groups that organize trips to locations around the world. The West Valley World Travel Enthusiasts welcome explorers of all ages, while Boomer Women Travel organizes trips for older women to both nearby and overseas destinations.

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