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Glendale Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is an important part of our financial lives. The sad truth is that many people put off making decisions regarding their retirement years until it is too late. There are complex issues at stake that have a large bearing on how much your retirement income will be.

A survey created by Transamerica shows that out of 4,000 people asked, more than half didn’t have better than a guess as to how much they’ll need to have saved for retirement. An even greater number admitted they needed to learn more about retirement planning.

This is why the services of a certified financial planner are so valuable. A financial planner will inform you of your possible options depending on the nest egg you’ve managed to save. You’ll be provided guidance in planning for your long-term needs as you pass through your senior years.

What are Your Long-Term Concerns?

There are important things you need to have planned out for your retirement years:

Long-term care planning

Health care


Estate planning

Retirement income

A certified financial planner will provide the guidance and advice to make the best decisions for these issues and many others. You need someone who can set you up for many years to come after you end your working career. The recommendation from the CFP Board of Standards is that you take your retirement planning seriously.

Guidance When Drawing Down Your Accounts

Withdrawing your retirement savings too soon or too quickly can incur tax penalties that you’d be better off avoiding. To navigate the sometimes complex laws, use a financial planner to help you time your transactions for maximum tax savings.

Do You Have Enough Put Away?

Do you have enough money saved to leave work completely? Use a financial planner to calculate how much you’re going to need and for how long. If you’re short the amount you need to retire, he’ll let you know, and you can plan accordingly.

It’s better to find out as soon as possible if you will have to defer retirement completely or find part-time employment to make up a small shortfall.

Finding Retirement Planners in Glendale

There are many qualified financial planners in Glendale that will advise you in the best way to make the most of your retirement funds. Use the CFP Board of Standards database to find a financial planner local to you. Enter your zip code and that you’re looking for a retirement specialist. You can even search by how you’d like to pay him. You’ll have a list of names that fulfill your requirements, saving you much time.

Barron’s has a list of top financial advisors by state, visit Barron’s website here to see the list for Arizona.

Visit the Better Business Bureau website to find a list of BBB-Accredited financial consultants near Glendale, Arizona and find respected professionals who can provide retirement assistance.

Interview Your Choices

Meet with each of your candidates and make sure they understand your goals and concerns. Pay careful attention to the answers they give you, and decide who can best serve your needs.

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