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Glendale Nursing Homes

When it comes to long-term care, you want to make sure you pick the best place for your needs and your budget. Not all nursing homes are the same, and the ones in Glendale cover a variety of short and long-term care needs. The Life Care Center of North Glendale is a skilled nursing facility with plenty of rehabilitative services like cardiac and oxygen therapy. There is also Spring Garden Care Center with 24-hour skilled nursing services and short-term stays for rehabilitation patients.

No matter what kind of nursing home you want, you can find something in the Glendale area that will work for you. This guide will tell you more about nursing home services and the costs as well as help you know what to look for when you start your search for long-term care.

Quick Facts About Nursing Homes

According to CDC Nursing Home FastStats, Administration on Aging’s Profile of Older Americans, and CMC Nursing Home Data Compendium:

The US had 15,600 nursing homes with 1.7 million beds available in 2014.

About 29% of seniors not in an institution live alone. 14.5% or about 1 in every seven people is considered an older adult. Arizona has 148 certified nursing homes with 16,456 beds available; about 70% of those beds were occupied in 2014.

How Long Will Seniors Stay in A Nursing Home?

On average, seniors will stay in a nursing home for about three years. There are a few factors that could raise or lower that time, though. For instance, women live longer than men so they might stay longer in a nursing home. Patients with debilitating diseases could stay for years more than patients getting therapy after surgery.

While long-term care residents make up most patients in a nursing home, there are some there only for short-term stays. A nursing home can act as a transition from the hospital to home, especially if the prognosis is good. If a senior fell and broke their hip but had no other complications while they were healing in the hospital, they might go to a nursing home for physical therapy before returning to their house.

Respite care is another option in many nursing homes and quite helpful for family caregivers that need help caring for their loved ones while they’re away. If a caregiver needs a break or goes on vacation or has any other obligation that will keep them away from their duties for longer than a few days, nursing home respite care can offer peace of mind and a place for their relative to stay. You can also use these short-term stays as a trial run for future long-term care.

What Services Do Nursing Homes Offer?

Nursing home staff provides a lot of care services. Personal assistance with things like general grooming, getting out of bed, wheelchair transfers, and getting dressed are cared for by certified nursing assistants. Medical needs like bandage changes, medication schedules, vital signs, and monitoring of chronic conditions are handled by nurses.

Therapists also work in nursing homes and can help patients get home faster with the right therapy. Patients who have had a stroke might get speech therapy while patients healing after a surgery or fall might get physical therapy. Occupational therapy can help seniors get better at daily tasks and oxygen therapy can help with breathing after pneumonia. Hospice care helps patients who won’t be returning home prepare themselves and their families for the end of life.

Meal plans are a big part of healing residents at nursing homes and they can be tailored to meet the dietary needs of each patient. Residents can choose to eat in a dining hall setting so they can meet with family and socialize with other patients. They can also eat in their room if they aren’t able to get to the dining hall or need assistance eating.

Most nursing homes also have an active social calendar filled with things like movies, game nights, live performances, visits from therapy pets, exercise or arts and crafts classes, and possible outings. There are nursing homes that also offer religious services, holiday celebrations, and prayer groups or Bible studies.

Salon and barber services are common for nursing homes. Someone will come to resident’s rooms to cut their hair or give them a shave so they look their best. Some nursing homes might even have nail services.

Nursing Home Rates in Chandler

The cost of long-term care across the country is high and many seniors worry about affording places like nursing homes. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey puts the average price of a semi-private room in the Phoenix area at $75,555 per year. A private room costs about $95,630 annually. These rates are priced competitively with the rest of the state but are a little lower than cities like Tucson. Your monthly cost for nursing homes could be anywhere between $6,296 and $7,969.

Remember these are just averages and things like location and size of the facility will affect the total cost. How long you stay and the services you use while you’re there could also change the cost. Medicaid approved facilities offer Medicaid patients the agreed upon rate but not every senior qualifies for Medicaid. If you have a tight budget but don’t meet the Medicaid requirements, some non-profit facilities might be willing to work with you on the cost.

What to Look for In Nursing Homes

Choosing a nursing home is a major decision and one that shouldn’t be rushed. If you are pressed for time, ask for help from friends and family members or consider using a senior advisor. Start with facilities that have the proper license and quality inspection records. You can ask to see these reports and they must show them to you. The facility should also have a history of responding quickly to complaints and working to resolve them as best as possible.

If you do have time, visit as many nursing homes as possible. You can see how clean each place is, watch how the staff interacts with each other and residents, and talk to current residents to see how they like the facility. You can even ask to eat a meal while you’re there. The Arizona Health Care Association also has great resources to help you make a list of questions you should ask and qualities you should look for.

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